Do you like bass in your face?

If your answer to that is not a no, which it absolutely shouldn\’t, you are going to want to check out 2017\’s first rising artist spotlight, Dion Timmer.

In celebrating the New Year, this young Netherlands producer has started his own mix series and shared its first edition with head bangers worldwide.

Titled, \”Neon Mix Vol 1\”, Timmer unleashes a near hour of vicious riddim, merciless uptempo beats, heavy, I repeat, HEAVY dubstep, and an explosive array of IDs. Available for a free download as well, this unapologetic compilation of bangers¬†will radically embellish your intense work outs and fast and furious car rides.

Did I also mention that he\’s going on The Paradox tour with Excision this year? As if we already did not have enough reason to purchase tickets!!

You should be able to tell by now before even hitting play that Dion is a certified thrasher of relentless sounds.

Trust me when I say keep your eyes and ears wide open for this beast who has just begun to step out of his lair into the world.

I\’ll stop talking and let the music take over from here.

Brace yourselves.

Presenting to you, Neon Mix Vol 1, by Dion Timmer.