There\’s no doubt that Skrillex is a huge fan of the city of Chicago, but when he took over Navy Pier for the Chicago leg of his Fall Tour, absolutely no one left disappointed. The ambience was fantastic, besides the awkward security patdowns and the overpriced drinks, everything kicked off smoothly and the opening acts did a great job in hyping up the crowd as well. Valentino Khan ripped through some hard-hitting tracks that got everyone excited, Kaytranada set the vibe and played some house tunes and A$AP Ferg called out a security guard multiple times before busting out his famous \”Shabba\” single.

After an intermission which felt like 5 seconds, a curtain was dropped – unveiling three screens which displayed \”MY NAME IS SKRILLEX\” and the Chicago Bulls theme song before Skrillex eventually opened up with a new track from Jack U, his duo with Diplo. Equipped with a Derrick Rose jersey and a mic, Skrill made it through an hour and thirty minutes without missing a beat, and kept the crowd eager for more. Although he didn\’t bring the Mothership back with him, everyone was taken aback by the amazing graphics and the mesmorizing lights. Skrill also dropped several unidentified tracks, as well as playing classics such as his remix of NRG and Recess, which got everyone extremely pumped. Skrillex also played his own \”VIP\” versions of some of his classics such as Bangarang, and The Devil\’s Den, which in hand offers a unique and suprising element to his performances. He also managed to throw in the Lion King song, as well as the Star Wars theme, and later threw in the instrumental version of his unforgettable Cinema Remix mashed up with Sam Smith\’s vocals of Disclosure\’s \”Latch\”.

The show closed out with Skrillex bringing out Chicago-native Josh from Flosstradamus and had 2 massive sit downs which got the crowd extremely excited as the epic finale. Skrillex left the stage with Bob Marley\’s \”Every Little Thing\” on, resulting in a massive sing-along with those who chose to stay while others raced out the doors. Needless to say, Skrillex did an incredible job performing. Although he receives a massive amount of criticism, he\’s an amazing producer and an amazing performer – which you can\’t entirely understand until you experience one of his shows. The crowd was in awe, the (awkward) venue was absolutely filled, need I see more? Next time Skrillex hits Chicago – it won\’t be something you want to miss.

Skrillex at Navy Pier: Good music, great vibes, amazing visuals. 10/10

A$AP Ferg as 3/3 Opening Act: Spoked more than rapping, only tailors to a certain crowd but he did interact a lot. 7/10

Kaytranada as 2/3 Opening Act: Played tons of house music, but the crowd wasn\’t entirely into it. Spoke a lot as well. 6.5/10

Valentino Khan as 1/3 Opening Act: Had the entire crowd going up and down, ambience could have been better, but it got the crowd excited. 7.5/10