On Saturday, February 7th, Borgore brought his Buygore crew to Concord Music Hall for a hugely anticipated concert on the Buygore Show tour. Selling out several months ago and sometimes being sold for over $200 on Stubhub, this was a really hot ticket in the city. The doors opened at 9, and the venue filled up quickly.

The first performance came from Sikdope at 9:30. Sikdope played one of the worst and least creative sets I\’ve ever heard. The set consisted almost exclusively of big room, emphasizing older songs like \”Spaceman\” (Carnage Remix) and LRAD style tracks. However, the early arriving crowd at the show loved every second of it. He played more of his own tracks and some new music at the end, but overall, it couldn\’t have been more generic. Definitely a disappointing start to the night.

Next came Jauz, one of the most buzzed about new artists in the industry. It was a big change from the set before, as Jauz went right into his unique, wubby and bass-heavy music. Playing a lot of his own music and featuring an impressive selection of other house songs, Jauz played a fun and high-energy set for the crowd. Keep an eye out for him in the next few months and this summer.

Ookay came next at 11:30. You really never know what you\’re getting from an Ookay set. Known mainly as a trap producer, Ookay is the definition of a DJ who plays whatever he wants. His set as North Coast last year had the 847 stage going absolutely crazy. This set of his was definitely heavy on trap, but he knew it was exactly what the crowd wanted to hear.

Borgore closed the night, playing a 90-minute set until 2 A.M. I was expecting a boring show that consisted of new Buygore music and simple crowd-pleasers. However, from the beginning, I got the exact opposite. Borgore\’s set was grimy and continually surprised me with his selection of songs. He played dubstep throwback like \”Tetris\” by Doctor P. He played a songs from his entire library; not just stuff from his new album. He dropped \”Ice Cream,\” \”Decisions,\” \”Love,\” and plenty more. It was really interesting seeing the crowd react to the older songs – almost nobody knew them. There\’s no doubt that a lot of people in the crowd were underage and new to the scene. However, it was another successful stop on the tour for Borgore and his Buygore Crew. Check out my exclusive interview with him here.

 Photo Credit: Ryan Pergola