If you had to pick only one song to listen to this entire Summer, we\’re pretty sure this would definitely be on the list to consider. LA producer Paris Blohm has teamed up with vocalist Taylr Renee, known for her collaboration with Axwell in \”I AM\”, to create a crazy progressive song that will leave you with goosebumps. \”Left Behinds\” has been in the works for quite sometime, and has even been teased on Paris\’ own podcast before anything was official, however, it caught the likes of Hardwell, and has been officially signed to Revealed Recordings. \”Left Behinds\” is absolutely uplifting, and will get everyone pumped up without a doubt. Whether you\’re just listening to this casually, listening to it on a run, or hearing it at the club or festival, this is a song you will need in your library.  If you need more convincing, just listen to the full track below. Then when I\’m right, click that Beatport link and support Paris & Taylr. Be sure to check out Paris, when he will be playing, along with Tritonal, at theMID on May 31st. \”Left Behinds\” is available now on Beatport.

Paris Blohm & Taylr Renee – Left Behinds | Beatport