Fresh off a massive collaboration with Blasterjaxx, Ibranovski is back again to spice things up with a new banger that features his unique synths. This new track, \”Filthy\”, had been floating around as an anticipated ID for a while and made its way to several radio shows, until it was revealed that Ibranovski was the one behind this monster. \”Filthy\” contains an \”imperial\”-sounding melody, which then transitions into a massive drop, filled with bass and a constant pitch that goes all over the place. The second drop also contains partial synths from the first one, however the way it was put together makes it sound so unique and different, and this track is definitely one that breaks apart from the usual. This is only Ibranovski\’s 3rd release on Beatport, and he\’s already making quite the name for himself, so be sure to show some support and pick yourself up a copy.

Ibranovski – Filthy | Beatport