Back in the day we could not store all the data in one place. That had many downsides, but also certain advantages. Except in case of flood or fire, it is not possible to destroy piles of paper, photos and other documents in a single moment. Also, it is very unlikely that someone keeps business-related documents in the same room where he or she keeps family pictures, bank contracts and other important files. Back then you couldn’t reach all the data within a few seconds, but one could argue that documents were more secure for that reason.

Today, everything important is located in the hard drive of our computer. When we say everything, we mean literally everything. And that’s why hard drive crash is a real disaster for everyone. The moment this happens, you feel completely helpless because you are left without so many important things, many of which you will not be able to redeem. However, this is not the time to panic. We know you are under a lot of stress, but it is essential to act immediately to try to recover files. Learn how to do it below.

Causes of a hard drive crash


There are so many potential causes of a hard drive crash that we would have to dedicate a separate article to that topic. That is why we will mention only the most common ones. While it may surprise you to start with human error, it is actually the most common cause of lost files. Whether it is accidental deletion of files that leads to a crash or a water spill, human errors are something that experts most often encounter.

After that come some causes that we cannot fully influence. Power surge happens from time to time and if you do not have a special device that protects your computer from problems with power, a hard drive crash is certainly possible. Remember that the hard drive has lifespan, like everything else. Although lifespan is usually rather long, if you forget to change your hard drive after a few years and after you start hearing harsh metal sound, then problems are what you can expect. You must not let the computer overheat, during the summer or when doing some demanding tasks. If the manufacturing fault is the cause, then the only thing you can do is contact the manufacturer, show the warranty and ask for a new one.

Is it possible to recovery files from crashed hard disk?

In general, it is possible to recover files from crashed hard drive. Whether you will really be able to do this and whether you will be able to save all the files or just files that were stored on the part of the hard drive that is not damaged depends on many factors. Usually, it is not possible to immediately determine how successful the recovery process will be. You will know this once you finish it.

Ways of recovery


If a hard drive crash is the result of physical damage, such as coming into contact with water, you must first resolve this acute problem before even trying to recover files. If there is another cause, then it is necessary to install some of the software. A virus attack can also be the cause, and we haven’t mentioned that so far. In which situations recovery software can help, you check at

You will first check the extent of the damage. If you cannot boot the hard disk to the computer where it is installed, or if it is an external hard disk, you can try connecting it to another computer. Then you will understand what happened.

This is followed by a recovery process, if possible. This process is quite simple, because almost everything is done by software. It is up to you to select the damaged hard drive and click recover. And that’s it, in most cases. It remains for you to hope that the software will do the job for you. There are also some advanced options on how you can try to save data manually, but such attempts are unsuccessful in most cases.

There is something called Occam’s Razor and this hypothesis suggests that the simplest solution is almost always the best. What do we mean by that? Don’t forget to check the Recycle Bin and try the simple restore option. Although it sounds too simple, it can be perfect that solution.


While it sounds like a cliché, it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry. So it is best to avoid hard drive crash, and this can be done in many ways if you take preventive measures. Buy the pro version of antivirus software, as it will save you from many malicious attacks. Also if you notice any type of malfunction, do not ignore it and hope it will disappear.

Do not eat or drink near the computer, as this can lead to disaster in no time. Also, if you do not have a state of the art cooling system, get an additional cooling fan and keep it close to the computer to avoid overheating and subsequent file loss.



Uploading all the data to the cloud is definitely something that everyone should do. Although in theory nothing is 100% secure, not even the cloud, it is still the safest possible option. Clouds of the most famous companies have so many backups that it is practically impossible for your data to be lost. Let’s say data is 99,9% safe once uploaded to the cloud.

If you still did not store your data to the cloud, but left everything on the hard drive that just crashed, it is important to take immediate steps to recover all or at least part of the documents lost. There are software that can help you with this and which have a high success rate so take advantage of advanced features of such software. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake again and take care of your hard drive, think about when it’s time to change it and don’t forget the cloud.