More popularly known for their infamous Carnage \’808\’ tutorial, Razer is back with another production tutorial featuring deadmau5 and Steve Duda.  The video is essentially deadmau5 explaining parts of his workflow, technique, and mental process in typical deadmau5 fashion and language.   Steve Duda occasionally chimes in to translate into more \”technically correct\” terms.  The two part segment (part one here) focusses on the creation process behind one of deamau5\’s latest uploads, \’Imaginary Friends\’.

To all aspiring producers and fans out there, the segment does provide some excellent insight into the process as well as give a peak into deadmau5\’s personal studio.  With the increased popularity of EDM, comes the increased creation of tutorials and other such videos like this.  The video is supposed to be promoting Razer\’s latest computer, but  beyond that, it is purely entertaining and educational.

Worth the watch below: