Dillon Francis and NGHTMRE broke the internet the other day, dropping moombahton banger \’Need You\’ and sending fans into a frenzy. Generating an insane amount of hype leading up to the release, the track delivered as promised and eclipsed 43k soundcloud plays in just three days.

Well, \”DJ Dillon Francis\” and NGHTMRE did it again on Monday, unveiling the absolutely hilarious official music video for \’Need You\’. While somewhat NSFW, the video takes viewers on a tour of one of raunchy \”DJ Dillon Francis\’\” casual backyard parties that he tears to shreds with \’Need You\’. Dillon also announced that he does birthdays, corporate parties, weddings, block parties, and really anything else with the release of the DJ Dillon Francis website.

So go ahead and call (609) 5 – DJ – Dill or visit djdillonfrancis.com for bookings, and stream both the track and the video below.

[youtube id=\”6byaTlhGJXM&list=PL7mvQv_SLRFPmOypZU_0Cpi0K-QJ33A0A\”]