The prosperous headphone company, Razer has announced that they are taking their products to the next level, by introducing Razer Music. Razer focuses greatly on gaming headphones as well as console attachments that start anywhere from 79.99 and go up all the way to 299.99. In short, this company knows how to make high quality gear, and they are using that advantage to jump into the music scene.

To help them with their cause, they have attracted some of EDMs biggest names such as Deadmau5, Carnage, Dyro and many more. These artists get to showcase their talents to fans, and give out their production tip for people still learning the ropes of DJing. They just released a new impressive trailer that discloses what Razer Music is all about, which includes the above mentioned headliners and more who are contributing. Along with that, Razer Music feels compassionate enough to drop a video of Feed Me/Spor giving a short ten minute Drum N Bass tutorial.
Take a look at both videos below and get as hyped as we are for what Razer Music has in store for us.