Mad Decent Boat Party promises four days full of \”Mad Decent\” fun, but that changes when someone takes it a little too far. According to multiple reports, it seems that a woman has either, fallen or, jumped off of the boat that is currently hosting the Mad Decent party. Currently, the boat is at a standstill and both United States and Cuban coast guards are currently hosting search parties in order to ensure that whoever fell off the boat is safe, meanwhile, a headcount is being held on the boat to ensure everyone else is accounted for. Also, all shows and activities being held for patrons on the boat party have been indefinitely suspended.

According to the inital report, the woman had allegedly jumped off at around 6:30 PM, local time of MBDP. The Mad Decent Boat originally begins in Miami, and ends in Cozumel and coincides with the finale of the Mad Decent Party tour series. This year\’s Mad Decent Boat Party is being held from November 11th to November 15th, and some artists that are performing at Mad Decent Boat Party includes Thomas Jack, Torro Torro,  Party Favor, Major Lazer, Jauz, and Jack Ü.

Over on Twitter, user @zethussen is keeping social media up-to-date with what is going on on the boat, as well as any updates they are receiving. Here\’s a glance at the rescue boats heading out:

It seems like they are consisently adding more rescue boats, in order to widen the search, with the hopes of finding some answers soon.

Latest PA: Missing person still not found. Search & Rescue ongoing.

— Ze Sus ✏️ (@zethussuen) November 13, 2015

It\’s been 4 hours since the woman has allegedly jumped off of the boat, and there has no been confirmation regarding her whereabouts. Give us a follow over on Twitter, and we\’ll be sure to update you once more details come to light.

UPDATE: Mad Decent released this statement early Friday morning…

\”Thursday, November 12 during the chartered cruise on Norwegian Pearl, a female guest was observed intentionally going overboard while the ship was sailing the Yucatan Channel. The ship’s crew immediately initiated rescue measures, including deploying three rescue boats and notifying the Coast Guard and other relevant authorities. The search for the guest is ongoing. Both the ship and charter company teams are providing support to the family and all impacted guests during this difficult time.\”