It is nearly impossible to play ping pong without a ping pong table. The table provides the surface where the ball will bounce to the opponent’s side. Any experienced ping pong player will know that the accuracy of the bounce of the ball depends largely on how clean or well-maintained the surface of the table is.

As such, protecting and taking care of your ping pong table is more important than you can imagine. And it’s not just dirt that you should be concerned about. If your table has any dents or chips, these distortions on the table will affect both the direction and speed of the ball

Therefore, to have an optimal gaming experience, which is every great ping pong player’s dream, one must learn how to maintain and take care of their ping pong table. If you are looking for ways to make your table last for as long as possible, here are some tips and tricks on how to properly take care of your ping pong table:

Source: Bloomberg

Check the surface of your table for dents

You really don’t want the surface of your table to start forming chips or dents because of continued use. You must always inspect the surface and be on the lookout for early signs of chipping so that you can try and mitigate the problem before it gets out of hand.

The good news is that ping pong tables rarely ever develop dents. Dents typically develop as a result of poor handling during transport or applying immense pressure on the surface by placing something too heavy for it to handle. You must check your table for any dents before every competition or tournament.

Buff away any scratches

Ping pong tables that have been well built by reliable manufacturers rarely get scratches. But if they do, you can easily remove the scratches by applying a special wax on your table’s surface. Small scratches may appear harmless, but even the smallest ones can impact your performance and gameplay.


A small investment can save you thousands in repair costs

A high-quality heavy-duty ping pong table cover can protect your ping pong table from the little mishaps that we experience from day to day. For more information on how to choose the best ping pong table cover, check out this article from Even something as simple as plain water can leave the surface of your table with unsightly spots while causing the surface’s material to deteriorate.

And it’s not just water. If you have little ones, they can innocently draw on the surface not understanding the impact of such a thing. If you have pets, you will be surprised to discover just how easily dog and cat hair stick to the surface of a ping pong table; you already know that kitties cannot resist napping on a shiny clean surface.

Even more threatening to your ping pong table’s surface is the threat of direct sunlight. The rays of the sun will not only fade the markings on your table a lot faster, but they will also cause the other components of the table to wear out a lot faster than expected. And repairing or replacing these parts can have a hefty price tag.

The easiest way to protect your ping pong table is by using a protective cover at all times. Keep your table covered until it is ready for its next use will also slow down the aging process so that your table can serve you for longer. There are different types of protective covers out there but most are mass-produced to fit most table tennis tables.


Check for rust

Outdoor ping pong tables come in an array of formats and typically, the legs and supports are waterproofed to be able to stand up to the elements. Even though they are rust proof, you still need to do your part to keep them rustproof.

You can do so simply by keeping the metallic components as dry as possible at all times. You can also oil the metallic parts to keep them rust-free just make sure that the oil you use does not affect the table’s other components.

Replace your ping pong table

Even the highest quality ping pong tables will need to be replaced after you’ve had them for some time. This is especially true if you use your table regularly. Unless you are playing at the national or state level, you only need a simple table to begin with.

If you are buying a table for the family, it might be a better idea to go for the lower end of the quality spectrum and allow your family to wear out the table as they expand their playing knowledge. If you are rather serious about ping pong, replace your worn-out table with a quality middle of the range model that you can appreciate and look after properly.


Do not attempt to move your ping pong table by yourself

Regardless of how strong you think you are or how careful you may be, moving a ping pong table by yourself is never recommended. Why? Because sliding the table might break the shims or other parts of the table, which will result in an uneven playing surface.

If an accident should occur, it could also disrupt a joint or fixture or worse still, crack or break one of the legs. If you need to move the table for whatever reason, you should recruit some assistance.


The best maintenance for a ping pong table is to create a set of rules governing its use and care. For example, ping pong tables should never be used for more than playing ping pong. Some other rules to live by include:

  • The surface of the ping pong table should never be used for sitting
  • People should avoid bumping or leaning against the edge of the table
  • All drinks and food should be kept off the table at all times

While abiding by these rules will no doubt help to extend the life of your ping pong table, accidents do happen. One of the most common accidents is spills. If a drink or water should spill onto the surface of the table, make sure that you blot it out immediately to prevent it from staining the surface.