Like many people, I am a coffee lover. Drinking coffee has grown into a hobby of mine. I’m always on the lookout for the latest great blend and not afraid to venture out and try new ones.

Ever since I came across caramel coffee, I don’t think I could ever live without it. It’s the perfect way to start my morning. It gives me all the energy I need to carry me through the day and just tastes terrific. While I still enjoy a regular brew, caramel coffee is now my drink of choice.

One thing I have learned, though, is that it’s important to get the balance right. While caramel tastes great in a coffee, too much can make it seem sickly and overpowering. Too little?  You’ll be left wondering where it is and think you were given the wrong order.

I have tried many different brands, each claiming that their own is the best. Some actually are great; others are not. To spare you the trouble of sifting the great from the good, I have created this list so you can enjoy caramel coffee just as much as me.

From my own experience, here are the best caramel coffees I’ve ever tasted.

Complete Nutrition Maine Roast Protein Coffee


Personally, this is my favorite of them all. The little known Complete Nutrition Maine Roast Protein Coffee is packed with everything I need for my morning brew (and I love that the price isn’t much higher than regular protein!).

I love working out and being active, so it was important I have a drink that keeps my energy up and muscles strong. It is equally important that it tastes great (something many fans of protein coffee in general love to talk about); I don’t want to feel like I’m taking a supplement.

This brand blew me away. They source their coffee from Columbia then craft-roast it in Maine. The results are fantastic. Even though Complete Nutrition is a supplement brand, you can tell this company actually sets a high priority on flavor and the customer experience

As far as the caramel is concerned, it’s certainly up there with the best I’ve tasted. It doesn’t get lost in the protein and compliments the coffee taste well.

For anyone looking for their own caramel protein coffee, this one should be your starting point. If you would like to learn more about protein coffee, check out this article from Healthcare Weekly.

1. Torani Caramel Coffee

Source: Hip2Save

The Torre family created the Torani brand back in 1925. They used old family recipes to create flavored sodas before moving into the coffee business. In fact, they are credited with making the first flavored latte.

Fast-forward 90 years later.  Torani is one of the world’s top-rated flavored syrups. I’ve been recommending them to people for years and it doesn’t surprise me when I see it stocked on someone’s shelf.

Their caramel coffee, in particular, tastes amazing. It’s not too sweet, but it is sweet enough that you’ll be wanting another cup in no time. Simply add a shot of the syrup into your mug, pour your favorite coffee in, add in some warmed milk and you’re good to go.

If you’re interested in trying other flavors by Torani, pick up a multipack. That way, you can experience everything they have to offer without any trouble.

2. DaVinci Gourmet Naturals Syrup Caramel

Source: Pinterest

Founded in 1989, DaVinci coffee syrups are now available all over the world. Although the brand may lack the history of other companies, the actual product is one of the best.

DaVinci only uses natural ingredients. They use real botanical extracts for creating their flavors. If you only like eating or drinking natural foods, this is certainly the one for you. DaVinci spends lots of time on research and development to ensure that only the best ingredients are used in every bottle.

I found that their caramel coffee is among the best I’ve ever drunk. The caramel comes from natural cane sugar and the syrup is made from sea salt from Hawaii.

You can certainly taste the difference between this brand and others.

3. Sugar-Free Salted Caramel Jordan’s Skinny Syrups

Source: Skinny Mixes

I thought it was important to include the best caramel coffee brand for those readers who are keeping an eye on sugar intake. You’ll be pleased to know that just because the sugar levels in this one are low doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice great taste.

Some of the brands we have already mentioned do their own sugar-free caramel coffee but in my experience, none are as good as Jordan’s Skinny Syrups. Whether at home or on your way to work, this caramel coffee will leave you satisfied and ready for the day ahead.

Unlike other brands, Jordan’s Skinny Syrups taste great but don’t have that horrible after-burn. Furthermore, every single syrup is gluten-free and contains no carbs or calories so you can continue with your diet guilt-free!

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also use it with other drinks and meals without overloading it with sugar. For example, if you love a bowl of porridge for breakfast, a drop of this will enhance your experience.

4. Revolver World Caramel Coffee

Source: Revolver World

I know people who only drink coffee brands that they know are from places where the coffee can be grown sustainably in a way that also benefits their communities and families.

If you have similar beliefs and still want great tasting caramel coffee, I have the brand just for you.

Revolver World aims to maximize opportunities and income for producers. They endorse campaigns on many issues such as human rights and support for NGO’s. 25% of all their profits go back to the community to help them continue growing great tasting coffee that is sold for a fair price.

Revolver World sources its coffee beans from all over the world, such as Costa Rica and Ethiopia.  However, their best coffee is made using beans from Honduras and the caramel flavor is to die for. It’s packed with flavor that will leave you wanting more.

It will certainly wake you up, too! For anyone searching for a coffee that will give you a strong buzz, look no further than this one right here.