In the music industry, what could be more exciting and potentially game-changing than a comeback six years in the making? The Prodigy has been around for longer than some of us can even remember, and their influence on electronic music┬ácan be heard in all corners of its subgenres. Following their 2009 album \”Invaders Must Die\” and a 6-year hiatus, The Prodigy has finally returned in full force with a new album on the way and a single to be released in January.

On their Instagram yesterday, the group uploaded six versions of their album art for the upcoming release. While mysterious and simplistic, they all shared the words \”Nasty Nasty\” (the assumed title of their single) and the description \”Single 1\”. With this information, we can all sit back and wait for the imminent January release.

This song is one of 6 known tracks off of the new album which, according to an interview with Q, is due sometime in February. Other leaked song titles are \”Get Your Fight On\”, \”Wall of Death\”, and \”Beyond the Death Ray\”.

Band member Liam Howlett describes the album\’s sound as \”pure, violent energy\”, straying away from dance music\’s rigid structure of simple builds and drops.

Until the single drops next month, take a listen to one of The Prodigy\’s classic tracks below: