Wedding photos are something that stays with us forever. Those memories are valuable and we all want to preserve them. But it is also crucial to find a photographer who will do the job professionally. Another important factor is how and where we pose. It is good when we have an idea of what we want to achieve, but it is not always achievable.

On the wedding day, the bride and groom look gorgeous. They wear their white dress and best tuxedo. Of course, they pay attention to the look, the make-up, the hairstyle, but also to their posture and of course, the smile and the posing for the photos.

The first condition for having successful wedding photos is to hire a professional photographer. They know exactly how to make your pictures look like a fairy tale. Also, it can not happen that there are disproportionate poses, nor can it happen that someone turns out badly in the picture.

Of course, such disasters can be avoided if you follow these tips:


1. Find your best side

Legend has it that one side of our face is more photogenic than the other. It is the same with the body. That’s why all those influencers and models on Instagram show their best side. You can learn from them, by practicing your best pose in front of the mirror. Together with the photographer you can take a few test photos and see how you look best. You can do the same with your friends. In fact, you probably already know which pose is best for you. It is up to you to see how all this can be included in the wedding photo session.

2. Have a trial photoshoot

A few photos before the event can help you choose your favorite style and focus on your posing. Therefore, it is necessary to hire someone who is close to you, so that you can perform this part more easily, without high travel costs. For example, if you are in Chicago, you can easily schedule a session with, ie find a Chicago Wedding Photographer for this purpose. Do the same with those close to you.


3. Always a natural smile

If you do not like to laugh, it is better not to laugh. Artificial smiles will not make the photos better, on the contrary, you will look like you are being tortured instead of celebrating. So if you feel like smiling, laugh. But if you do not feel like laughing at all because of the stress and nervousness that the day itself brings, then be serious in the photos. Some brides and grooms manage to think of something that makes them happy and smile sincerely. That way the photos will be beautiful and you will be proud of them.

4. The celebrity pose

Imagine being on a red carpet with all the Hollywood stars around you. You remember how they posed, didn’t you? Hollywood stars always stand sideways from the camera, with one foot forward and the weight transferred to the foot that is behind. With a little practice, you too can look like a celebrity at your own wedding. Of course, you can always put your hand on your hip or gesture with the bouquet you are carrying.


5. Do not overdo it with posing

Try to pose as naturally as possible. That way the photos will be beautiful. If you overdo it with artificial poses and smiles, you run the risk of looking like wax figures. Enjoy spontaneity, because then you are the most beautiful and natural. And even when posing, indulge at the moment with your spouse, so that even in a photo you can see your closeness and love.

6. Take care of the ambiance

At many weddings, you will notice that there is a part of the space that is intended for photography. On the one hand, this is a great idea if you want to keep the same style for all your photos. But if you want spontaneity, then let the photographer take care of it. In fact, many couples decide to combine the two ways and have the most beautiful photos.


On the wedding day

If you are nervous, remember that you only have a few more hours and then the stress will pass. All the work of the past months is really great and it is worth dedicating to your most beautiful day. Do not let trifles spoil your mood. Laugh, pose, and dance because on this day only that is expected of you.

Remember that next to you are your family, friends, and most importantly, your partner with whom you plan to spend your whole life. All this is a reason to celebrate. Let spontaneity take over and have the most beautiful wedding photos. Hire a professional photographer. Act as if you were at a regular party. Indulge in the beautiful atmosphere and enjoy being the center of attention.

Let a family member or loved one take care of the technical details. It is up to you to be beautiful and enjoy it all. We recommend that you be in a good mood, smile, and enjoy the wonderful music and fun.

The photos will be here to remind you of this wonderful day. Do not waste time trying to look different from what you really are. Only when you are on your own and when you feel good – then you look your best.


As you can see, the best way to pose for your wedding photos is to be spontaneous and to focus on the good time you have there. Keep in mind that you are surrounded by people you love and enjoy the moment. Show the world how happy you are. Let the photographers memorize the whole thing for you. Use the suggestions from this article, to help you with the photos.

And of course, don’t forget to enjoy. That’s why you are there – to celebrate the love and closeness you have with your partner.