Podcasting became known to larger audiences about two decades ago, and in the past several years, it has grown in popularity so much. It has been reported that there are more than four million podcasts available for users and that almost 10 percent of the population in the US alone are active listeners. If you are one of the many who create this content, you are well aware of how competitive the market is, and how difficult it is to find your place under the sun. The good thing about podcasting growing in popularity is the fact that nowadays, you can build your channel far easier than you could five years ago. Use this 2024 guide to find out more about growing your audience and find out what does a podcast booking agent do, and how they can help you.

What do they do?


There are many things that these agents do, and it starts with things like marketing, up to booking appointments and finding guests.

The easiest way you can understand it is to compare it with an agent that helps actors find new roles. Even though it is a different industry, they do similar jobs in promoting their clients.

When you talk to an agent, first they need to build trust with you, and they need to understand your podcasts, your goals, and your aspirations. They need to listen to your podcasts and perceive them in a different way than your regular listeners. The booking agent needs to find out what audience would be the best one for you. When we are new to any field, we tend to believe that everyone should love and support us and that everyone should be interested in what we have to say. The truth is, there is no person in the world that everyone loves or understands, and there may be millions of people who follow you, but there are always going to be those that just don’t like you. Your agent will help you find the right group and help you build your style, while still staying true to yourself, and with time, help you appeal to bigger crowds.

Once they build trust with you, and once they show that they want to support and help you, the next part is raising awareness of your work. No matter how many followers you have right now, chances are, they are not enough and there can always be more. Your agent will need to find a way to get more people to be interested in your work and podcasts and create a larger pool of listeners.


They need to be good in marketing because, at the end of the day, you are a product that needs to be sold. Your voice, opinions, thoughts, and views are a product, and it needs to be sold. So, the right person should be able to advertise you and find people who are going to subscribe to your channel, and maybe even pay for your premium content.

They are also going to be responsible for bookings with guests, and since most podcasts rely on talking about different topics with different people, they need to find those people. In the beginning, you may not be able to reach stars, celebrities, and huge influencers, but no one has started from the top. Your agent will need to find a way to reach people who are at your level or above, and with time, as you grow, you will be able to talk to more influential people in your field.

The best agents are going to help you grow and reach guests that may or may have not heard of you, and they need to know how to approach them and how to book them.

On the same note, they should be able to get you to places as well, and they need to be able to book things where you will be the star. Some agents do both of these things, while when it comes to other agencies, they may be comfortable with just one or the other.

If you are looking for a Podcast booking agent, then you first need to learn more about what they specialize in, if they can help you get the maximum impact on your audience, and if they are willing to grow with you. Luckily, there are many expert agencies that specialize in this field, and they can help you reach your biggest potential with ease.

How to choose the right one?


When it comes to choosing the right agency to help you out, you need to approach this with some research. First, start by checking out which are the best agents not only in your area but internationally as well. Pay attention to those that can advertise and understand you in your native language, and go from there.

Make a list of all the people who you think could help you out, and start learning more about them. Check to see which their current or previous clients are, and how successful they currently are. This can help you find out if the booking agent is actually good, or if you would throw your money away on a lost cause.

Once you narrow down your list, and once you know more about their success, credentials, type of work, and so on, you can start reaching out to them. You can make appointments and see if they would be able to take you as a client; if they are willing to work for you, and how much would that cost. Some agents are far more expensive than others, however, when you think about what you could achieve with them, it is going to be worth it. Check to see what their strategies are; if you could work with them and if they would be the right fit for you. You can do all this just with one consultation, so make sure you have it before you sign any contracts.

A booking agent for your podcast can help you get to the fame and the profits that you want to have. They can help spread your word and have the impact you want on people. They are a great investment, so make sure you give them a chance and see how that works out for you.