Online casino games are a great way to pass the time when you are traveling. For example, Lucky Pants. You might think that as long as you have a tablet, enough battery and a wi-fi connection that you are good to go. Indeed, the growth of online gambling is such that you are likely to find sites to play on wherever you go in the world. There really is no need to move to a bricks and mortar casino when the digital version is so readily at hand.

However, there is more to think about than just which site to use. Here we look at the many things you will need to consider if you are thinking of using online casino sites when you travel.

Download an app

All the best casinos have a dedicated app that you can download and use. The app is the best way to gain accessibility to the games and the play is likely to be slicker and smoother. The app will allow you to access a wide variety of games from slots to poker to a spin of the roulette wheel.

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A great data plan or free wifi

Roaming charges are going to be a killer if you are not careful. While using your data plan to browse the internet might be one thing, using it for extended gameplay in an online casino is another. You could easily find yourself running up a bill. Therefore, you have two choices. You research the best data plan you can find for overseas travel or you sniff out the best free wifi on offer. To be fair, most places offer wifi now and you are likely to find many places to stop off and have a play.

Take a tablet

Playing on your phone is fine but if you are a pro online casino player, you get yourself a tablet. The higher quality resolution and opportunity to see the details of buttons helps to make the experience much richer. A mobile phone leaves you in danger of fat thumb mistakes, losing you money or momentum. Therefore, the bigger tablet screen is a must for travelling and gambling.

Don’t forget a power bank

Playing any game online will drain the battery on your technology. If you are going on a long haul flight, you may be able to plug your tablet in. Most other ways of travelling will leave you anxious for power. Therefore, when playing for hours on an online casino, you need an additional power bank you can plug in to keep the fun happening.

Consider a VPN

Privacy and security should be a major concern when travelling and gambling. Using free wifi and data is fine but it does make you vulnerable to the people around you. Therefore, finding a way to go online safely is an essential tip. You may also find problems entering your favourite sites when your ISP shows you are abroad.

All in all, you are better off going online using a virtual private network, which will give you some barrier from outside intrusion and allow you to travel without changing your ISP. It will also allow you to play on sites that outside countries may block. If your country is not on the bookie’s accepted list, you won’t be able to play. Be aware, however, that some betting sites ban the use of VPN as they know people use them to gamble across borders.

If all that sounds a little technical to you, the least you should do is wear a pair of headphones. It is a way of making sure not everyone on the plane can hear your bets and your winnings. And if your favourite site from home is blocked while you are abroad, you may want to have a search for a site hosted by the country you are visiting.

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Remember to look up every now and then

Finally, while online casino gaming is a great way to pass the time, don’t lose the sense of adventure that comes from travelling. Remember to spend some time looking out of the window at the world passing by, so you can feel what it means to be in a different place in the world.

In short

According to online casino games can help you pass the time. However, using a lot of internet data while travelling can cause problems. Equally gaming on a tablet can be power consuming and pose a threat to your adventure and to your financial security. Like everything with gambling, do it while it is fun and it helps to entertain – and stop long enough to appreciate the world outside your smart device.