Borrowing money does not have to be as complicated as you might think. Especially today when the network gives us so many different options to choose from, it becomes even easier to find a lender who grants you the loan you want. Despite the large supply and despite the fact that banks and other lenders work daily to simplify the process so that you can borrow money, it is not uncommon for many to take the first lender to come.

How much money can I borrow?

What affects how much you can borrow is, among other things, is your credit rating and your future ability to pay back the loan. Creditworthiness is your assessed ability to pay off your debts, such as loans and invoices. This is important for lenders as they need to believe that you will be able to repay the loan on time. A good credit score can thus be linked to a loan with better terms. A credit report is made to determine your ability to pay, the banks weigh your income (salary, allowance, etc.) against your expenses. Do you want to borrow money from different lenders without ending up with a bad credit score?

One way to increase the amount of money you can borrow is to add a co-applicant, also called a co-borrower, to your application. In addition to the fact that you receive significantly more loan proposals if you are two who are to apply, the interest rate will also be lower. In many cases, you can almost double your chances of being granted a loan if you have a co-applicant.

Source: Financial Framework

How to borrow money?

Taking out a loan is no longer difficult. There was a time when you physically had to go to every bank you wanted to borrow money from and sit down in a meeting with the bank clerk to possibly get a loan from them.

Nowadays, the process of taking out a loan is so much easier. For example, by filling in a loan application with a loan broker, you will receive an answer with the necessary information within 24 hours from all banks and lenders. On weekends, it can take a little longer before you can move on in the process, but usually it goes almost as fast. In its entirety, this takes so much less time to take out a loan than before and you do not even have to log in anywhere. If you want to borrow, you can visit this site, make an application and read more, and also compare information about loans and credits that are adapted to your credit rating.

What does it take for you to borrow money?

To be able to borrow money usually you must have a monthly recurring income. Income includes salary and other benefits such as grants or pensions. Also you must be registered in the population register in your country as a resident for at least one year. Apply for a loan only if you are over 18 years old, as loans are not granted to minors.

How to use the money is entirely up to you, as you can borrow for whatever you want, whether it is to buy a new car or make the dream trip to New Zealand. Online lenders don’t ask for a reason for taking out a loan – it can be anything –  from car loans to refinancing (under which you can merge your loans) and ordinary private loans (unsecured loans) if you want to borrow money without security. Read more about the different types of loans available via the link.


Loan with payment remark

You can get a loan even if you have payment remarks, but you must be debt-free with the Enforcement Officer for the past 6 months. Having a payment remark can make it more difficult to get a loan, but it is still not impossible. The banks and other lenders make an overall assessment of your total ability to pay and make their decision on whether you can take out a loan based on that. The greater the risk that creditors judge that it is to lend money to you, the higher the interest rate and the lower amount you can borrow. Having payment remarks and loans in the past can make you qualify to collect loans in a group loan, where all your previous credits are baked together into a single loan with a more favorable interest rate.

Do you need a personal loan? Collect loans? Most online lenders are available for you who need to borrow money quickly.

Security and mortgages

Private loans or unsecured loans can also be defined as unsecured loans. If you want to take out a mortgage, several banks will require security in the form of the home, when you borrow the money. You can take out a mortgage if you want to buy a house or an apartment, but also if you want to finance a renovation or expansion of an existing home.

What distinguishes private loans from mortgages is first and foremost the low interest rate that is usually offered when borrowing for a home in comparison with a regular unsecured loan. Private loans are an unsecured loan and thus the banks usually set a higher interest rate on it, because they do not have as great a guarantee of getting their money back on time. In connection with this, there is one more thing that makes it safer for lenders and therefore lowers interest rates and it has to do with the cash investment. Nowadays, usually the home can only be mortgaged up to 85% and the remaining 15% must be covered by the borrower. This means that in case the customer can not repay their loan and the home is to be sold, there is very little chance that the bank will not get the money back, as the 15% gives room for the home to fall in value.


In addition to low interest rates, there are more benefits to a mortgage. Most banks have no ceiling on how much money you can borrow as a mortgage, but it all depends on how credible you and your creditworthiness is. The more credible you are, the more you can borrow. Another thing that is important to know is that you can take out a private loan for the same purpose as you would take out a mortgage for, but since the bank does not need to know the purpose behind the loan, it is considered in such cases as an ordinary loan without security. On the other hand, if the lender offers the opportunity to borrow a blank loan specifically to buy a home, then this loan must be considered a mortgage and follow the same regulations as if it were only called a mortgage. So do not apply to these lenders if you want a regular unsecured loan.