GPS or Global Positioning System is a radio navigation system based on satellite. This system is solely owned by the government of the United States of America. Although it is operated by the United States Space Force, it is readily available and an essential part of your smartphone today. Whether you have an Android or an IOS, every phone has a GPS sensor.

Now, if you are thinking what it is used for? The answer is simple. It is a location-based system. which means it helps you in navigation. Consider it like google map. If you have to find your location or go somewhere, GPS will help you reach the destination effortlessly.

There are so many ways through which GPS can help us; if we know the right tips and tricks around it, using it can be so much fun and helpful during the distressing time. how more information regarding GPS and virtual locations, visit

If you are looking for some exciting tips and tricks regarding phone GPS location, read ahead.

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Tips You Need To Try

1. Location Checker

How well is your Phone’s GPS working depends entirely on the signals it receives. Because it gets signals from the satellite, on a clear day, you will get high signals. However, on a cloudy day, the signals will struggle. So, would you know if the phone is getting string signals or not? The answer is simple. Open Google Map, and check the colour of the dot that is representing you. If you get a Red arrow, it means the signals are strong. However, if you see the light blue dot, it means the GPS signal is pretty weak. And if the dot is grey, it means the signals are feeble, and Google Map can’t get your location at all.

2. Battery saving

Using the GPS drains your phone’s battery like nothing else. And if you are on a trip or lost, using GPS can cause your phone to switch off sooner, which under certain circumstances is not ideal at all. So, if you face a similar problem, here’s a smart tip that can help you save your phone’s battery.

Some Android smartphones come with an accuracy mode. This mode helps you store battery by allowing the phone to limit activities and applications that use more battery. Some smartphone also allows you to use GPS on accuracy mode. As a result, your phone’s battery won’t drain as fast as it is supposed to.

You can activate this mode by selecting Settings, toggle down to Security and privacy, and click location service. Toggle down to look for high accuracy mode and turn the button on.

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3. Install a compass application

Sometimes your GPS might need a little push to word better. And you can give this push by installing a compass application into your phone. To make things better, simply download a compass application. Open it and tap on the compass. Now pick up your smartphone, slowly rotate it thrice, keeping the phone flat in your hands. Next, spin it slowly thrice on its vertical angles. And lastly, flip it thrice horizontally.

These small steps should be enough to give your Phone’s GPS a little nudge.

4. Check for interference

Sometimes, your phone is not able to detect the satellite because a metal object is blocking its path. As a result, your GPS doesn’t work correctly. So, to know whether your phone’s GPS is working correctly or something is blocking its path, Install Google essential application, open it and tap on “satellite.” If nothing appears on your phone’s screen, it means the path is being blocked by something, or your phone is not working correctly.

Now that you have some tips up your sleeves, here are a few tricks that you can try for fun!

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Tricks You Need To Try

5. Spoof your location

Spoofing your location may sound fun, especially when your parents keep an eye on you wherever you go. For once in a while, you can set a fake location. Thinking how? Well, it’s super simple. If you visit the app store, you will find many mobile applications that help set a fake location for your phone. This way, you can dodge the GPS. It’s like being in a place where you actually aren’t. As fun as it may sound, don’t make it a habit because GPS systems have more benefits than disadvantages.

Furthermore, if you are a frequent user of Pokémon Go, you can use a GPS location spooking application to find more characters and bonuses. In short, such apps are saviours for gamers. Pretty cool, eh?

6. Tracking a lost phone/friend

Now, if you or a friend of your losses his/her phone, the situation can be distressing. But thanks to the GPS of the phone, you can track the phone and its current location. Similarly, if you are meeting up with friends, you can pin on them to see where they are right now. It’s quite fun when you try it.

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For those who think GPS is boring and its only purpose is to help out Goggle Map for navigation, well, you need to think again. There is no doubt that GPS gets you the location, but even it is an important feature. Especially when you are lost or need to find your way, by following the tips mentioned above, you can improve your GPS’s performance so that it is always working just right. Similarly, you can also learn a few tricks that will let you fake your current location or even help a friend find their IOS or Android smartphone.