This week Orlando Wolf\’s three track EP, Douceur & Resistance has been released.

\”For the first time, I\’ve had the courage to showcase my body of work and creative output from the past 12 months. In the record you will find three pieces, each standing alone and yet each with its own story and drive. I invite you to indulge in all three from start to finish and see where it takes you, and how it makes you feel.\” – Orlando Wolf

The EP consists of three tracks, all taking you on a journey, and all provoking different thoughts and emotions. The opening track, Moral Hazard kicks off with a punchy beat and strong steady synth lines. The bass then kicks in and uncontrollably invites you to join in on Orlando Wolf\’s journey.

The soothing vocals by Toby Graham, on the second track Douceur & Resistance, kick in at roughly the 2:30 point offering a sense of calm just before the track builds up and takes you further and further, enticing for the final track, Sebastopol.

Out now on iTunes.