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CBD oil exploded onto the scene a few years ago after it was legalized in several countries. Since then, we’ve seen it appear in everything from tinctures to gummies and teas. Hailed a natural hero, it seems that there’s little that this herb can’t do.

To go through all the potential uses would take pages of data. Instead, we’ll center this article around one key question—can CBD oil help you sleep better? The short answer is that it can because it helps relieve anxiety. Now let’s look at how it works to help you sleep.

Anxiety Is a Leading Cause of Insomnia

According to Cannabis Offers, 48% of Americans struggle to fall asleep because of anxiety. They simply can’t relax and forget the worries of the day.

A study published in the US Library of National Medicine in 2015, shows that CBD oil is a viable treatment for anxiety disorders.

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Why This Is Good News for Sleep Disorders

Anxiety and sleep disorders are classified differently clinically. However, there’s a lot of overlap between the two. If you’re anxious, you’re likely to have a sleep disorder. In an ironic twist, having a sleep disorder might also make you anxious. What’s good for one issue is usually also good for the other.

How Does CBD Oil Help You Relax?

The body has a complex endocannabinoid system. This system controls a wide range of functions, from pain management to neurological processes. For our purposes, we’re more interested in the neurological aspects of the system.

CBD or cannabidiol affects the body’s endocannabinoid system. It acts as a balancing agent by improving the activity of neurotransmitters in our brains. The overall effect is that we feel calmer and more relaxed.

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Does This Make You Fall Asleep?

The effect isn’t the same as taking a sleeping pill. It’s not going to knock you out. However, it’ll make you feel far more relaxed. The more relaxed that you are, the more likely you are to feel sleepy. If you go to bed, you’ll find it easier to drift off to sleep.

If you’re not extremely sleep-deprived, you’ll be able to stay awake. We don’t recommend going for a drive or doing anything that requires concentration. If you’re relaxing at home, you’ll be fine.

Does It Work for Everyone?

CBD oil is not a universal solution. In a small percentage of users, CBD oil has the opposite effect. It makes them paranoid and more alert. That’s why it’s important to start with the smallest dose.

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Is It Safe?

CBD oil is generally considered safe, even at high doses. The downside is that the product falls under the classification of a supplement. Products in this category are subject to less stringent testing than those in medical categories.

It’s important to do your research upfront and stick to reputable brands. Our article here lists six tips to help you find quality products.

The danger of using untested, home-brewed products is that you don’t know what you’re getting. The manufacturers may use dangerous solvents, incorporate too little of the active ingredient, or incorporate too much THC.

THC is a useful compound for treating pain, but it’s psychoactive. High levels of THC in a product will leave you feeling high. It could also get you into trouble legally. In many states, CBD oil must contain less than 0.3% of THC to remain legal.

What’s the Best Way to Take CBD Oil?

CBD oil comes in capsules, gummies, drops, and vape juice. Vaping gives you the fastest effects, but research shows that vaping may be bad for the lungs. CBD drops applied under the tongue is the most effective way to get your daily dose.

By applying them under the tongue, you’re able to skip the digestive process. Your body is also able to absorb more of the active ingredients this way. If you take the capsules, it takes longer for the active ingredients to enter your bloodstream. Your body must digest them first. If you want to know more about CBD oils in general, check out the Zamnesia blog where they covered almost everything on CBD.

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Will the Drops Make You High?

No, as long as you get an oil with THC, they won’t. Look for a broad-spectrum oil with trace amounts of THC at the most.

Will You Feel Drowsy the Next Day?

One of the primary advantages of this natural product compared to sleeping pills is that it stays in the blood for about four to six hours. CBD enhances the quality of sleep and doesn’t interfere with REM sleep.

Again, it’s essential to opt for a reputable brand. THC makes it easier to fall asleep but interferes with REM sleep. You’ll fall asleep fast but won’t dream as much. That’s a bad thing. Make sure you get a pure CBD product, preferably one derived from hemp.


How to Take CBD Oil to Help You Sleep

The dosage you take depends on the strength of the CBD oil and your weight. We recommend starting with a lower strength product of 150 mg to 250 mg initially. Read through the label to find out how much CBD you get per drop or capsule.

Start on an evening when you’re not working the next day. Take the smallest dose possible. While it’s tempting to take more, it’s not advisable. If you use the drops over the long-term, your body develops a tolerance to them. You’ll then have to increase your dose.

Start on a small dose so that you have some leeway to increase the dose later. Take the oil around an hour or two before you want to go to bed. You may need to experiment a little to find the optimal dosage time for you.

What Happens If You Have a Negative Reaction?

An adverse reaction might cause your heart to race and you to feel more energetic. You might feel more anxious than normal. If you’ve taken the smallest possible dose, the effects will wear off quickly. It’s just a case of waiting them out.

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The Final Verdict: Can CBD Oil Help You Sleep Better?

Yes. It may prove useful for insomniacs where the condition is due to stress. For the best results, opt for a reputable brand and use CBD oil as recommended.