Olin Batista is an appreciative millennial who always stays true to his family roots when it comes to his music.  His first tribute was to his mother with a track titled, \”Luma,\” which was appropriately named after her, and captured the spirit of the Rio Carnival with its bass heavy beats and progression.  When the track was released under Sosumi Records, it broke the label\’s record with over 11,000 downloads in just 48 hours.

Now the Brazilian producer is back with \”Amazon 63,\” a track that pays homage to his father, Eike, who won the Superboat World Championship in 1990.  The single was named after the boat that his father used to win the championship with over two decades ago and even features actual clips from the race in the production of the tune.

Let this sexy house track take you on a ride of your own.  Check it out below and purchase it here!

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