Are you planning a trip to Tennessee soon? It can be simultaneously exciting and daunting to plan a trip somewhere new. There are things you can do to prepare yourself for the trip and enhance your experience of the culture surrounding your destination. Enjoy the sights of Nashville Tennessee, Visit VacationsMadeEasy.

1. Bring a rifle


Tennessee is known for its many places to go hunting and fishing. If you are lucky enough to get to travel to Tennessee. You may want to bring your rifle. If you happen to not own a rifle yet, there are many options. An AR-15 may suit your needs well. If space is an issue you may want to break down your rifle’s lower receiver from the upper receiver, click here if you are looking to purchase an AR-15 upper receiver. Then reassemble it when you’re ready to go hunting.

Before your trip, it will be helpful for you to research which hunting season is open. You may also be able to find a group of local hunters who can help you learn the best places to set up. Having this information is just as important as having a rifle with you, as this information will set you up for success.

2. Orange Clothes


Tennessee is home to the Tennessee Volunteers, and they wear their colors with pride—literally. If you are headed to Tennessee, you will want to pack any (or all) of the orange clothing you own. This is especially important if you are in town during Game Day, as it will feel like you missed a memo if you don’t. Everyone will be decked out in the Volunteer colors, and they will probably ask if you are an out of towner if you are wearing any other color. So save yourself the embarrassment and awkward interactions: pack orange when you head to Tennessee.

The shade of orange can vary to some extent, as long as it is not a burnt orange. The reasoning for this is because another state’s university has orange colors, but they are the burnt orange. If you were to come to Tennessee in burnt orange instead of bright, you likely would be accused of wearing “the wrong orange.”

3. Hiking Gear


No matter if you go to East or West Tennessee, there are many beautiful hiking trails to be found. Whether you are young or old, a novice or an expert hiker, or whether or not you are traveling with children, there is a hiking trail for you. With this being the case, it will behoove you to pack sunscreen, bug spray, hiking boots, and some clothes appropriate to the time of year you are traveling.

If you are new to the scene or if you are in the market for some new gear, get in touch with a local. They will be able to point you toward a store that not only will sell you quality products, but they likely will be a local company, as well.

4. Your Camera


No matter what time of year you visit the Volunteer State, the scenery is beautiful. In East Tennessee, you are in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains. Here, you can enjoy a variety of hikes and find many beautiful photo opportunities. In West Tennessee, there is beautiful farmland and miles of rolling hills. These views will not disappoint.

If you are wanting to get some beautiful photos but do not want to exert all of the energy hiking requires, there are many roads to explore in Tennessee that give you a wide range of views. From the Foothills Parkway to the Cherohala Skyway, from popular tourist roads to country back roads, there are many options for you.

A professional camera or one with manual mode would be the best way to capture quality photos. You would be in control of the settings used, and this would help you to capture the beauty before the lense. A camera phone will also allow you to do this, however, if you do not want to spend your savings on a separate camera. Either option you choose, it will be helpful for you to read the instruction manual and learn the best ways to control how the image looks.

So, while packing your bags for Tennessee, be sure to also pack your favorite camera. Or, at the very least, you may want to bring an external hard drive to transfer all of the pictures too when your phone gets full!

5. A Love For Music


If you go to Nashville, the capital of Tennessee, then you have the Grand Ole Opry, the home of country music. No matter where you turn, it seems, there is music all around you in Tennessee. While all genres are enjoyed by residents, Tennesseans take pride in their hometown country music award-winning greats.

Not all music in Tennessee is country. If you visit Memphis, you will find Graceland, the home of rock and roll legend Elvis Presley. Everywhere you look, there is history to be remembered and music to be enjoyed. While you are in Tennessee, take the time to enjoy the culture, the sounds, and the overall vibes. The varying music will help you do just that.

Next time you travel to Tennessee, keep in mind some of the things you will need to bring to help you fully enjoy your visit. Bringing a rifle will help ready you for the large amount of hunting opportunities available. Having orange clothes on hand will help you blend in with the locals. Hiking gear will help protect you as you enjoy the scenery. A camera, whether professional or otherwise, will assist you in documenting your adventures and discoveries. Finally, bringing a love and appreciation for music will allow you to enhance and engage in your trip.

Safe travels on your trip! Enjoy the journey, and take note of what you can bring on your next trip to make the adventure even greater.