The skincare trends are changing and adjusting every season, and the best thing is that people are getting aware of the quality of the product and ingredients inside, and they know that using quality cosmetics is more than a nice package and affordable price. If we learned something since the pandemic started, it’s that we shouldn’t save on our skin and that as we take good care, it will show us how thankful it is.

The debates about the ingredients’ origins and their quality exist since cosmetics were invented. The trick is to use the exact product that makes you feel better in your skin, and according to many recent studies, organic products are one of the best choices for that.

There are many brands that meet the standards of producing organic skincare products. We must mention that a lot of people wrongly consider it as natural products, which is not the same. Not every natural product can be marked as organic, and vice versa. Organic means that the ingredients come from controlled environments, and there are certificates for quality.

Maybe it sounds impossible to you, but replacing your current cosmetics with organic ones is possible, by taking small and smart steps. Many brands have their own organic lines or even unique ingredients made in their labs. On this website, you can make a conscious effort to replace your products with organic skincare products and see how your skin and body will respond positively to this change.

But, do you know that there are plenty of benefits of using organic products? Once you get to know them all, you will be ready to completely move to them, without even thinking twice or changing your mind. Here are some of them:


1. You won’t use harsh chemicals

If you try to read the labels on your favorite moisturizer or serum, you will freak out on how many ingredients are there, you can’t even say their name. Not all of them are harmful because the quantities are still controlled, but if you move to organic products, you won’t ever meet with these substances again. Most of the popular cosmetics contain ingredients that are potentially dangerous for the environment, but also a lot of stabilizers, parabens, alcohol, or even fragrance, for a pleasant smell. All these chemicals can be too harsh to your skin, which is not the case with organic ones. If the product is certified, you can be sure that there aren’t any toxins and dangerous substances inside, that can lead to itching or other skin damages.


2. You are taking care of the planet too

As we briefly mentioned in the previous paragraph, some of the chemicals from your cosmetics can be harmful to the environment. Also, they are packed mostly in plastic that even though it’s recyclable, may still release some dangerous substance into the water.

Organic products will help you use them reasonably, and keep a healthy balance between you and nature. There are no dangerous chemicals, no micro-plastic, and no useless waste of bottles and boxes since most of the organic products come in sustainable and refillable packages.


3. It’s rich in nutrients

Organic cosmetics usually include ingredients that are similar to your grocery shopping list, since they are extracted from green tea, grape seeds, they contain cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, argan oil, green coffee, and so on. These products are rich in nutrients your skin needs to look shiny and glow all the time. They also boost circulation, feed the skin with vitamins and acids, make the wrinkles disappear, and remove the visible signs of aging. Every fruit, seed, wheat, or even vegetable or tea, has some benefits for the skin. It’s on you to recognize which one do you need, and use it properly, so you can make sure you won’t suffer from premature aging, and that your skin will always look healthy.


4. Provides enough antioxidants

Since these products are mostly plant-based, it means they contain enough antioxidants to fight against skin damages. It’s worth mentioning that all the herbs and plants used are grown under controlled conditions, without using pesticides, so you can be sure there won’t be additional damage to the skin. Organic serums, toners, creams, and moisturizers have a large number of active ingredients, that can be combined together, to get the results you want. With regular use, you will see how your pores are less visible, the cells are renewing, your face is radiant and brighter, and you protect it from the sun damages too. Also, the antioxidants ensure you are producing enough collagen, which is very important, so you can have great skin.


5. It’s really cool

Yes, it is! Can you imagine using an organic shampoo in the shape of soap, and buying another bar in the same package after you finish it? Or bringing back the original package to the store, so they can recycle it, and get a better deal for your next bottle? You also have a chance to educate the people around you about the importance of these products, but also on how to save the planet, and how everyone can help in protecting the environment. Let the people be interested in this way of living. Don’t mind explaining to them why it’s important to protect yourself from the harsh chemicals, and how beneficial is this for the environment. At some point, they will listen to you and embrace the same lifestyle.


When investing in organic skincare products, you need to carefully read the declarations and ingredient lists, because there are still some tricky things that happen because of the marketing. Educate yourself, and understand what’s the real meaning behind this word. Don’t be afraid to take this step and make a big, but important change, and get the best for you and your skin. Surely, the price can be an issue sometimes, but it’s worth it. You will enjoy your silky and shiny skin, without worrying you are harming the environment at the same time.