Dan Miz caters to our indulgences in his brand new single, “Dance With The Wind.” It incorporates catchy hooks and verses with amazing production to provide a summery vibe. The cheerful plucks and reverberated vocals create a lovely atmosphere. The pop-infused electro elements truly create a unique feel. The intro starts off beautifully and progresses into a luscious and energetic drop that reminds us very much of the summer. Dan Miz is a very talented singer and songwriter that can provoke raw emotions through his lyrics.

Dan Miz had this to say about the creation of “Dance With The Wind:” “Dance With The Wind is a track about being stuck in your own head while everyone around you seems to be free of worry. I wrote this song in an Uber on the way home from a party that I left. When producing this track, I had the option of making this a ballad. But, I liked the irony of having an uptempo song with somber lyrics; I picture a person burying their worries and creating a false external image of happiness and joy.”

Undoubtedly a hit, be sure to listen for yourself here