\”Chew\” is a new website that sets DJ\’s up to share their music live with the world.  The Co-Founder has created a service that focuses more on the video aspect, rather than sound, in order for viewers to get a concept of how each DJ is actually creating the music.  To go along with the live streaming, Chew has also set up forums where you can interact and discuss different aspects of DJing, as stated by Paul Smith of Ignite100:

“There are a lot of parallels with Twitch.tv, which essentially allowed gamers to follow other gamers and learn how to play. Because streams are in-vision, there are also amateurs learning from professionals – it’s not just listening to music, it’s also about learning how the set was produced.”

Seems as though this website gives DJs a common meeting place, either to collab, or simply help each other and offer advice.  Check out the website for yourself by clicking here.