Our latest feature is the surest sign that summer is just around the corner. Call it the first summertime anthem of 2016, Tipsy Tortoise brings us \”I Got You\” by Kyfra and Eche Palante. Characterized by lighthearted grooves and uplifting vibes, this one is sure to brighten your spirits.

Combining tropical house influences with pop melodies, \”I Got You\” is catchy songwriting at its finest. Vocalist Brandon Lehti delivers from both a lyrical and performance standpoint, bringing the whole song together to make a lasting impression. Once you listen, you can\’t help but realize this one is going to be memorable.

Check out Kyfra & Eche Palante\’s new release \”I Got You\” featuring Brandon Lehti below. It\’s out now, and available for free download via Tipsy Records.