As the countdown to Bassnectar\’s 10th album Noise Vs. Beauty slowly but surely continues, Lorin Ashton keeps his loyal bass heads patiently waiting with yet another release from the highly anticipated NVSB. If you\’ve been following the bass god for the past month or so, you already know that this next album is about to be very different (the good kind of different) from Ashton\’s previous releases while still keeping in tact that signature Bassnectar beautiful gut-wrenching, mind-blowing sound and this latest release, \”F.U.N\”, is no exception. With a classical string intro dropping into some heavy bass, this track is what I speculate to be a reflection of what the album as a whole has to offer- a variety of sound that beautifully compares and contrasts noise & beauty. Without any further ado, here is Bassnectar\’s latest release off NVSB with Seth Drake and don\’t worry, fellow bass heads, the wait will be over this week on June 24th!