King Neptoone has taken his signature groovy, melodic style to a new height with his exclusive release, “Lost To The Wind.” He introduces the track with a slow, wet guitar solo accompanied by a beautiful female vocal sample. Just gorgeous serene sounds oozing out of the speakers.  Midway through the song the guitar evolves into stretched out drips and drops. The intricate guitar slides his way back into the song creating an intricate progression that is intriguingly pleasant to listen to. You can find this never-before-heard track below or on his Soundcloud.

Along with his newest EP in the works, Neptoone also has a song he’s released that will also be on his upcoming EP. “White Shores and Beyond,” upholds the low temp, beautifully experimental melody that his fans have come to know and love and it is also available for download on his Soundcloud page. Not only is this track available to download but it is also the tune that he’s entered into The Untz Challenge VIII.

He explains, “I am truly blessed to have so many that support me along my musical journey. Winning this challenge not only lets me spread my creations, but it carries with it the opportunity to breath the good air into a culture engulfed by musical creation. My track submission for The Untz Challenge VIII is a piece that finds a true place in my heart. Please share this feeling with me and vote for my song this year. Dedicated to my late Aunt Grace, this track will find its way to that special place in your heart, a place we all share, where our loved ones may find peace.”

The Untz is currently holding a contest on their website where two winners will win a “life changing opportunity,” where they will be playing at six major festivals over the course of five months. You can vote for Neptoone’s track, “White Shores and Beyond,” on The Untz website after spending two seconds creating a quick account or just follow the link here.

Neptoone is definitely making some waves within the ocean of sounds he’s been producing and it has been quite exciting to see his progression thus far. One can only hope to see what he could accomplish within five months of touring.