As house music pushes the envelope, getting darker and deeper, house puritans rejoice. The rise of ‘G-House’ is due in thanks to CUFF and Dirtybird Records, who are leading the charge in drawing House music back to the golden age of house. I for one, however, wasn’t sure this was a genre that was here to stay or if it even was a genre at all. Some compare it to the rise of ‘RIDDIM’ as the new sub-genre of Dubstep, while Dubstep puritans call it a travel back to the roots. Regardless of whether you see it as a new spin of the OG house or a novel move forward, it is difficult to deny the groove-ability of this latest track by ‘Geist!

While \”No Panties\” featuring Young Blaze and Hey Hey have a similar sound, Nasty Girl is cooler and more understated, just as the Gangster House genre suggests. If I could suggest one thing to this LA trio, it is to keep dropping G-House tracks, and get your ass to Chicago.