The word holiday has its essence that brings pleasure and smiles. A holiday is all meant for relaxation. You say goodbye to your hectic routine and welcome the joyful moments. These moments can be joined by your family members or friends.

After you decide to go for a holiday, next you need to plan is a venue. You will be brainstorming for hours or maybe can come up with the best option soon if you have a dream place. It is up to you whether you go to any country place or for international holiday venues. The holiday duration may also vary; it can be 2-day or 3-day or weekend plans.

I went through many relaxing breaths of air but found Thailand more appealing. You can also enjoy camp there.

Thailand has nice weather. The country has 3 major seasons all of which are satisfactory for traveling. Thailand hosts more tourists during the dry season. It is because the temperature cannot go above 90° in the hot season. Tourists herd Thailand during the hot season to be mad about the beaches found along Thai’s coastline.

The country is known for its great eats, martial arts, beaches, and many temples. It also embeds so many islands. Every island contains numerous resorts for the tourists. If you are not hydrophobic, you will be enjoying the beaches in Thailand. Phuket Island is the most famous island. The hotels there have huts and sites that enable you to stay right on the beach lying on your sleeping pad for a hammock. You enjoy the breeze from the ocean. You can get a hut that will be large enough for you or your entire family. You will not be experiencing anything like this anywhere else in the world.

For an independently-minded traveler, Thailand’s visit will be a priority. They can experience the popular attractions. It will be a memorable holiday experience for you. Let us explore a few exciting places in Thailand.

1. Vivacious Bangkok


This sensational city is a perfect base for a visit to Thailand. It is fancied by

  • Temples
  • Shopping places
  • Markets

These all simply soak up the air. You have pretty choices to opt for.

Nights in Bangkok are amazing. You can visit

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Clubs

You will feel like you came back to life. You can also experience a spot of shopping at night-time markets. You will love to visit here again and again.

2. Serene Phuket

Source: Alamy

It is a popular resort island. It is surrounded by white beaches. The interiors are covered in rainforest. You can opt for quiet resorts which contrast with Patong: the sparkling beachfront center which compromises shopping and nightlife after a day of sunbathing.

3. Beaches of the Northern Gulf

Source: Freedom Destinations

It takes just a few hours from your Bangkok base. There are Thailand’s splendid Northern Gulf beaches. There are resorts to ensemble all tastes here. Whether you wish to party or fancy a calm sunset.

4. Temples and jungle

Source: Miles of Happiness

Northern Thailand is an exclusively diverse experience from the beach and urban areas. The land is rich in ancient temple sites, grassy jungle, and ethnic hill populations. A visit to this region of Thailand delivers a profound insight into the land’s allures.

Mix and match

How much of Thailand do you get to enjoy rest on the holiday you plan to stay in Thailand and what kind of break you are taking? If you are an efficient and skilled travel professional, then you will succeed in crafting a journey for a holiday. You will hark back to for years to come, willy-nilly of whether you are residing for 7 days or 60 days.

These features are surely unique and worth counting on any tour of this bizarre and lovely country.

You cannot compare the beauty of Thailand to anywhere else. The land is full of pristine beaches and is fancy with the history that predates modern civilization. They also incorporate cuisine as well as temples. Resorts, shopping malls, and many else are available there. The population smells friendly. You should not wait to decide to plan a holiday in Thailand. It would be a little hard to choose further about the more exciting places there.

When you imagine Thailand, Muay Thai boxing hits your brain. It is counted as a type of martial arts. The exciting fact about this is that it originated in Thai. This is also the reason that it is named Muay Thai boxing. There are classes offered to learn this master’s art. If you want to master this art, then keep practicing it for years with great patience. Muay Thai or Thai boxing is also being used by many extreme fighters as the basis of their training. The fights are held in Bangkok. Then Muay Thai at is your new holiday.

It is often referred to as ‘The Art of Eight Limbs’. Muay Thai fighters operate both legs and arms. Their end goal is to take down their opponent. For them, each body part assists as its own, individual weapon:

  • fighters’ hands serve as swords
  • their shins as defenses and armor
  • their elbows and knees as an ax or a hammer

Fights usually do not go on for more than 5 rounds, lasting 3 minutes each.

It is to be completely exposed to where or from whom Muay Thai invented. Most records were ruined in 1767. It was because the Burmese army seemingly burned all records of its roots. Well, there are still many stories as to how this martial art practice came about.


One of the theories dictates that all Thai military fellows were trained in this hand-to-hand form of fight. It was taught as a means of protection against neighboring countries. Neighboring countries include Myanmar and Cambodia.

Another claim is that as Thai people moved south from China, the scrap to inhabit land forced them to grow their fighting skills to guard both themselves and their land against the peril of likely invasion.

There is no shirt, no shoes as a dress code. Muay Thai boxers have several guidelines they must abide by when it comes to looks. No messy hair, no stubbles for men (clean mustaches are fine) and tidy toenails are a must.

Enjoy the holiday with Muay Thai or in Muay Thai learning. It will be a great move. So don’t miss out and must-visit when you plan a holiday to Thailand.