Mobile evaporative air coolers are able to deliver robust grades of cooling effects and that too very effectively. These types of air coolers consume comparatively less electric power to deliver unparalleled cooling. These unusual mobile air cooling devices are used by people who mostly live in dry regions like the west. These mobile evaporative air coolers are popular due to their cost effective value and durable performance.

If you are thinking of buying one for yourself, then this complete guide would prove to be very useful to you. Read till the end to decide how worthy an investment it would be.

Let’s begin!

How Does A Mobile Evaporative Cooler Works?


These types of air coolers function in a really unique manner. The process of cooling begins by initiating some moisture in the form of vapours into the air. This is done because it helps in reducing the temperature.

These types of air coolers take into consideration the natural process of cooling that evaporation brings out. To understand the process, a little in-depth information is required. Consider there is a puddle of water created by excessive rain in an area. The subsequent heat that follows after the rain is actually lessened by evaporation. Sounds interesting?

Well, the water from the puddle consumes the heat from the environment, gets evaporated and in turn, cools the atmosphere. This exact phenomena is used in mobile evaporative air coolers.

Where To Use An Evaporative Air Cooler

In order to get a glance into whether this type of air coolers would be the best fit for your needs, make sure you check out the environment or places that they work best in. Well, evalporative air cooled are environmental friendly, effective and consume very less energy. They can be used in several places like your farm, your cafe, your shop, in a laundry, or where ever you want.

The Cost Effectiveness Of Setting Them Up


One great benefit of installing these portable coolers in your environment is their cost effectiveness. This feature will make investing in them worth it. The conventional air coolers are way expensive as compared to these. The set up installations is not needed. You don’t need to pay extra to any installation person. Just buy and install it yourself wherever you want. The cleaning up of its parts is extremely easy too.

The Right Climate To Install Such Evaporative Coolers

These types of coolers are best fit for regions that are hot and have low moister content in the atmosphere. These coolers and their cooling effect will make your lives incredibly easier by lowering the temperature to 20°F.

These coolers are not much effective in area that have high humidity. If you live in such area, this investment would not be worth it. Make sure you check your regions humidity levels and average temperature levels before deciding to buy these evaporation coolers.

Best Features To Look For


Remote control

Perhaps, the best feature you can look for in almost every electronic device. Remote controls make the job so easier. If you are thinking of buying an electric appliance be it an evaporative cooler, make sure you check in advance whether the feature of remote control is unavailable or not. Only then buy it.


The next feature to look for is a timer. Its availability is utmost necessary. What if you fall asleep at night with the cooler turned on? What if you feel like turning it off in the middle of the night? Getting up at night, midway your sleep, just to turn of a cooler does not feel worth it. To avoid this, make sure you buy a cooler that comes with a timer. Set the starting time and the turning off time as per your needs and younar good to go.

Quality of Cooling Pads

Good quality cooling pads is the next feature to look for while buying a cooler next. These pads are responsible to keep the environment cool for long durations. The most basic material that have been use since year’s to make these cooling apds has been wok wood. Today, the best manufactured cooling pads for air coolers are honeycomb pads.

Anti-Mosquito feature


Who like mosquitoes biting their skin while sleeping peacefully at night? No one right. Well, make sure these creatures do not disturb your sleep as well. This can be done by buying coolers that have the anti-mosquito feature. Conventional air coolers that use water have a negative prospect.

Mosquitoes breed in the still water of these conventional coolers. This can be hampering your health to great levels. To avoid this make sure you buy an evaporative air cooler that comes with this anti-mosquito feature.

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Weakness Of Evaporative Air Coolers

Whenever we buy an electric appliance it is necessary to count its pros and cons. There are always two sides of a coin. One positive and the other negative. Same goes with these air coolers as well. There are not just positive features but negative ones too. Make sure to count and check these before paying for these evaporative air coolers.

These types of air coolers cannot be used in an area that has high humidity. Their cooling is also not as effective as done by air conditioners. You also would be required to clean and maintain them every month.

These types of air coolers work on using a good amount of water. It is this evident that they cannot be used in areas that have limited supply of water.



Having read all the positive and negative aspects of buying an evaporated air cooler, it is up to you to decide what fits you the best. Make sure you check the atmosphere conditions of your area and check how effectively these air coolers will cool your room.

These are cost effective as compared to air conditioners as well as environmental friendly. But these aren’t as effective in cooling and maintenance as air conditioners. It is totally up to you to decide what you need. Choose wisely.