Message notifications, social media alerts, uninvited calls, and phone games are major distractions while studying. They slow you down and may lower the quality of your discussion during an essay. You fail to get deeper into the discussion while writing, resulting in weak academic work.

Education experts advise students to stay away from gadgets while studying. Can I get a professional to Yes! There are professional homework helpers on writing services websites to assist you with homework when you are distracted or overwhelmed by work.

Avoiding the phone increases your study speed. It is also good for your memory, especially during revision. By working faster and understanding more, you can create extra time to pursue your passion in life. 

Here are expert tips on how to avoid the call when studying.

Switch off the phone


Define study time by switching off. The seriousness of study hours should cause you to avoid all distractions by switching off the gadget. Your friends and family members will notice that you do not like distractions while learning. They learn to avoid calling you or expecting your response during particular hours.

Switching off is the first step towards discipline while learning. You create a schedule such that you avoid switching the phone off during necessary hours. With zero distractions, you can delve into your assignment or revision, helping you to produce the most compelling work.

Utilize voicemail

The biggest worry for phone users is missing an important call or message. Only medics and persons offering essential services should keep their calls on throughout. Avoid missing the crucial messages by activating your voicemail.

Telecom companies offer room for customized messages. You may inform your caller to try reaching you after two hours or during the break because you are reading. It helps your callers to avoid anxiety over your whereabouts. It also enables them to reorganize their calling time since they know when to catch you.

Keep the phone on silent mode


The trick works when you are not expecting any urgent call. Put your calls in silent mode until you complete your studies. You will not be distracted by notifications. However, messages will still show on the screen alongside missed calls. You can control when you look at the phone or receive calls and respond to messages. Such control helps you to achieve more, especially by avoiding distractions.

Develop a schedule to use the phone

Set a specific time of use. The decision should be accompanied by developing a schedule that reflects all your activities. Research indicates that an ordinary person checks the phone every 15 minutes.

A schedule instills discipline in usage. It makes you conscious of the frequency of using the phone as well as the amount of time you use gadgets each day. You will be more deliberate when touching your phone at any moment. It is a way of gaining control over usage and maximizing time away from the phone to be more productive.

Focus on your studies


Recognize the importance of studies in your present and future life. Poor performance in class will affect your prospects in the future. You may also lose scholarships and opportunities to study in the best institutions around the world. Such risks underline the need to take your studies seriously.

One of the ways to take your studies seriously is to avoid distractions. All the calls, social media, video games, and friendly chats can wait until you complete your academic work. It is one of the ways to keep your eyes on the main goal because you have a target to achieve through education.

Keep the phone out of reach

You will always reach the phone because it is at an arms-length. Keep it away from your desk for the duration you will be studying. The inconvenience of reaching for the phone will discourage you from touching it.

It is even advisable to keep it away from your eyes. You might see flashing notifications or a blinking call and be tempted to respond. Avoid the temptation by keeping it away from your desk while you study.

Use distraction-avoiding apps


Technology can help you to study better even with the phone on your desk. There are apps you can install on your phone to keep away notifications and block calls. Distraction avoidance apps come with timers to allow you to determine the duration of concentration. Set the alarm to go off after an hour or two. The apps will enable you to stick to a schedule and, in the process, be more productive.

Set and use group study rules

Study groups set rules to keep everyone on toes during studies. Instead of learning alone, you can choose to join a group. The company of friends and the rules you set will help you avoid the phone.

You can make the rules more interesting by introducing penalties. Anyone whose phone rings will provide snacks for the next study session. You may also be asked to organize the study space or compile group assignments. Such rules help you to avoid the phone, making your study hours more productive.

Monitor your phone usage


Do you know how many hours you spend on your gadget? Do you have an idea what other things you can do with the hours? Most people are unaware of their phone addiction. Only monitoring will help you to curb this addiction. Use devise monitoring apps to know how many hours you spend on the phone and the most visited apps. You can now decide on your time usage.

Manage notifications

Notifications will get you off your studies even without touching gadgets. Manage these notifications at individual apps. You avoid distractions from unnecessary alerts or apps.

While the phone is a great gadget for communication and study, it can easily distract you. It will waste your time, lowering your potential. Use the above tips to create the best study hours and increase your productivity.