If you are reading this article now, that can mean two things. One: You are a fan of the award-winning multiplayer adventure RPG with more than 18 million players worldwide, and you wish to improve your skills in the game, or Two: You are a curious person who wishes to read and understand the Vast world of Elder Scrolls Online(ESO).

Whatever the case may be, it is evident that being one of the most competitive games to exist with actual rewards, players all over the world would enter the RPG adventure and, more than often, make some mistakes as they proceed. It is especially a concern for all the newbies out there.

So this article is to help them all in telling you what mistakes are common and how exactly you can avoid them. You can also take help from

1. Do not Rush: Explore


Elder Scrolls Online as a platform is so addictive and interesting because of how this game was made. It has so many moving parts, side quests, and activities that play an important part in making it. This advice is especially for newbies. Use the first time you play to explore the rich world of the game. Go through the markets, spend some time understanding the mechanics and the environment of the game.

You do not need to be a part of a competitive race as a newcomer. Let it come from the later characters. The game becomes so much fun when you know what the world you are in is.

2. Do not Buy a Horse

This advice is also for the new players. Horses cost a lot. And while it might get extremely tempting as we see horses everywhere accompanying the players, you will eventually get one as you reach the 10th, and we suggest you be patient at that.

If you have enough gold to spend, then be our guest, but maybe just keep patience and wait for it.

3. Buying items at a low level


This is similar to buying a horse argument made beforehand. Always understand this. You unlock fancy new items and gear as you level up. If it is not absolutely necessary, then maybe let’s not use our gold for it and keep it with us. Because with buying gear, there shall also be a concern about updating them as well. And we ought to spend wisely with what we have with us.

So do not buy unnecessary gear at lower levels. You shall be doing yourself a favor that way.

4. Avoid Group Areas in the Lower Levels

Group areas are particularly difficult during the low levels. It is our suggestion that you save them for later stages. They are hard and definitely not worth it in the beginning stages, definitely a risk that you should not be taking.

Save them for later stages, and you will be thanking yourself for that.

5. Do not Upgrade rarity before you reach CP 160


Oftentimes, with new items out with you, it will be tempting to upgrade them. But until the player reaches CP 160, most of the items they carry will be replaced anyway. Hence upgrading won’t make a ton of sense. Practicing patience is the key.

Upgrading a rarity is not only expensive but oftentimes not worth the investment. This is especially true for ones below CP 160.

6. Do not play every Sidequest

Now, this can seem like a total one-eighty, considering the 10th point was about exploring. But that is exactly why this point exists. Some of the side quests are straight-up wasting time. It is not worth the benefits nor worth the exploration.

If you have got the time and the patience, definitely go for it. But always think for a minute before accepting side quests.

7. Always know your markets


It is a similar caveat as point number 5. Just because it isn’t advisable on a lot of rarity and gear in the initial levels, it doesn’t mean that you shall ignore the marketplace entirely. The guild markets are an effective way of not just earning money but also saving money.

Ignoring markets is an effective way of saying bye-bye to easy gold for all the players. Also, the prices of items always fluctuate in guild markets. And hence, by actually keeping proper track of the trading and the flow of the market, we can buy stuff at considerably lower prices.

8. Do not use Undaunted Keys before CP 160

Undaunted keys are especially precious and important parts of the main quests. The Undaunted NPC guilt is crucial to ending game content, and that makes it all the more wasteful if used during the initial periods of the game. Do not crack open these chests until you reach CP 160. Rather try to hoard and grind them.

9. Do not ignore food and Drink Buffs.

Food and drink are passive buffs that players often tend to overlook. They are usually overlooked because they actually last a long time. But keep an eye on them. This is especially for the brand new players. As a newbie, it is important to keep consumables along with you as it raises your recovery stats, resulting in being the best version of your character that you can afford to be at that moment.

10. Always focus on Inventory.


One of the key aspects of this game is about how much you can keep with you. In fact, it is about finding and gathering items which can be loot, artifacts or crafted items.

It is always important to focus on inventory and upgrade its spaces because, admittedly, inventory upgrades can get inherently expensive when purchased from pack merchants. They grow exponentially with every upgrade. So Always pay attention to inventory.


Elder Scrolls Online are all about patience, exploring, and smart playing. You have to know what to accept, but more importantly, what not to.

With that being said, All The Best in Your Gameplay!