Bingo is one of the oldest casino games out there and also one of the most popular ones. Since the game entirely depends on your luck, there is a different thrill and fun in playing bingo that no other casino game offers. Due to the restrictions from the pandemic and out of sheer convenience, there are many that have started playing online bingo from the safety of their homes on their smartphone or computers.

According to which is one of the best websites for learning and trying out different bingo strategies, There are several strategies that you can use that are proven to be effective for beginners. These strategies don’t increase your odds through unnatural means but instead dramatically improves your chances of winning rewards.

As a beginner, you might not know many of these strategies and if you keep playing without learning them it can inadvertently hamper your reward obtaining potential as well as your gameplay. If you too are a beginner who is looking to learn effective and proven online bingo strategies that you can use in your next bingo matches, then worry no more because we will be providing helpful insights to you.


We have specially written this guide for all the bingo players out there with several strategies and tips that you can use to enhance your bingo playing experience. We recommend going through each one of these strategies in detail.

1. Choose to play when the least players are online.

In general casino logic, it is considered a good idea to play online casino games when other players are online and playing the same game as well. However, with bingo, that same logic is inverted completely because of the pure nature of how the game works. While you can certainly play with more players when they are bound to be more online, it is simply just a better idea to play bingo when you know that most other players would be offline.

This is because the lesser the amount of players playing the game, the more chances you get at winning the reward all for yourself. We strongly recommend that you play at irregular times where most players wouldn’t bother playing – such as a Monday afternoon, for example, when most people would be busy at work. If you are playing at international online bingo casinos, track the website’s traffic for a few days and use it when you know the amount of players would be minimal.

2. Try to buy as many bingo cards as possible.

Bingo is all about chance and luck and the only way of improving them directly is by buying as many cards as you possibly can. Getting a single bingo card and hoping that your luck will shine is an extremely bad way of playing bingo. Instead, get multiple cards at a single time and go through them all one by one to increase your chances of getting the reward and improving your overall luck.


Once you have an adequate amount of bingo cards with you, you are simply multiplying your odds of getting a tangible reward for your money and efforts. If you don’t get lucky with one card, chances are you will get lucky with another which is why buying extra bingo cards with you is almost always a wise choice.

There are also tools like bingo card maker that can help you make your own custom cards, which can be a fun way to play the game with your friends.

3. Understand the prizes of a bingo game before joining it.

Different bingo games have different rewards and prizes depending on the casino they are in and the popularity of the game. It is crucial that you understand these prizes before you join the game and ensure that they are worth the money you are spending on the cards. Looking out for these prizes also gives you a chance to discover any extra bonuses or offers that the casino might be offering to its players.

These bonuses can allow you to play the game for a longer amount of time and also help you get more cards for you to try your luck with. Ultimately, this benefits you in several distinct ways which is why understanding the prizes and bonuses of a casino and its bingo game is extremely necessary.

4. Communicate with other players.


While talking with other players is frowned upon and even prohibited in most casino games, it is perfectly legal to do so in bingo. In fact, we strongly encourage you to talk and interact with other players while you are playing online bingo through the casino’s messaging or chat system. This not only allows you to meet new people who have the same casino interests as you but also allows you to get personal insights into top bingo strategies once you get close to them.

What’s more is that the chatting system of bingo games also has various rewards and prizes that the casino publishes from time to time. These rewards can greatly boost your efforts of getting the main reward you are playing the bingo for. Talking with other players is also a good way to pass the time as you wait for your bingo numbers to get announced. Who knows, you might even make a friend this way!

5. Utilize professional strategies.


While there are countless bingo strategies out there that professionals use, there are two that are considered to be extremely important to be familiar with for every bingo player out there. These two professional strategies are the Granville strategy and the Tippet strategy.

Granville’s bingo strategy is extremely simple and focuses on number analysis to produce actual results. All you need to do in this strategy is have an equal amount of numbers that are odd and even, an equal amount of numbers that are high and low, and an equal amount of numbers that ends in a number from 1 to 9.

On the other hand, the Tippet strategy is even simpler than its Granville counterpart. All the strategy consists of is getting cards that have numbers closer to 1 and 75 if you are playing shorter bingo games and getting cards that have numbers that are close to 38 if you are playing longer bingo games.


There are various proven online bingo strategies out there that beginners can use to master the game in a short amount of time. Our motive was to be able to assist you in doing exactly that and we hope we were successful in doing so with this detailed guide.