If you haven’t been on it, you better step up from youtube, soundcloud and mixcloud and get on your reddit grind. While many of you may have been able to see the livestream of some of your favorite artists during Coachella, I know for a fact a large amount of you probably missed that as well. Well, scrounging through the mainstream sites can be a pain to try and find these sets, but through some digging, I’ve been able to find a few in some pretty deep down places.

It was actually very entertaining to see this certain DJ comment on their set being posted online as well, which begs the question…why can’t the people be given what they want and we just get official releases of these artists’ sets?

Anywhooo, here’s the list of Coachella sets I’ve been able to dig up so far…

Ekali (1st Weekend)
Party Favor
Black Coffee