Locked away in sonic solitude, Mind Vortex have build a brand new EP.

First up ‘Overture’, used frequently as a set opener by Andy C as well as other prominent djs across the globe… And it’s easy to see why. Building to a point that leaves you dangling over the edge of a sky-scraper tall break, you’re dropped aboard a metallic riff. Driven by tightly snapping kicks, and being hit repeatedly by pounding subs, the composition reverberates across your synapses. Aggressive yet epic, and with a bite that epitomises their production flare, ‘Overture’ proves that Mind Vortex only have more to give.

Next up is ‘Colours’, alluding to Mind Vortex’s different stylistic dimensions. With a cinematic soundscape and emotionally lead vocals, it’s tenderly spoken but doesn’t lack in impact. A muscular bassline sits beneath grinding percussion, which is softened by loops of beat arpeggios. Sure-fire club anthems are what Mind Vortex capture perfectly and ‘Colours’ pedestals this form of art at its finest.

With an authoritative vocal sample leading you ear-drums first into the mix, ‘Underworld’ is foreboding from its first bass riff. A jittering coaster ride, this is roller explodes on impact, taking you deep into its namesake. The artists manipulate synth in a way which often can’t be matched, distorting sounds and smashing the prototype to pieces with carefully fashioned hits of drum.

And lastly, ‘Till the Sun Comes’ opens you up to the possibility of seeing the producer’s full musicality. A funk infused texture which is hits your aural taste buds with every loop, you’ll find it difficult not to be overcome by the track’s turbo-powered hook. Yet again, the duo has conjured a hotbed of forward thinking drum and bass, threatening to create unparalleled dance floor chaos.

Out now on Beatport.