Toolroom head honcho Mark Knight puts the Midas touch to ‘The Gift’ delivering a straight up club cut that hits the spot, full of energy and that distinctive Mark Knight sound, essential.

“Since the very beginnings of our existence we have filled our tribal or religious rituals with music; rituals to bond, to connect spiritually or just to let loose. I have no idea why we are so drawn to the120-126 BPM four-to-the-floor. All I know is that House is the soundtrack to our modern day biggest ritual and I love being part of that. My aim is to create an energy on the dancefloor and, for me, it’s not about working strictly within the limit of a genre. It’s about sharing the same taste and this exceeds genres. I found my inspiration for ‘The Gift’ when I stumbled upon a video of a preacher on the internet, preaching that music is a gift of God and that, when we listen to music, we open up to the message of the lyrics.”

Released: 15/12/2014