Amber Giles, better known as yung Mija, is anything but your typical disc jockey or producer. Bouncing around with her colorful hair, she is the definition of FK A GENRE. She isn’t afraid to step out of her comfort zone and breakdown musical barriers by experimenting with different genres such as house and trap and blending beats you wouldn’t ordinarily string together.

\’FK A GENRE\’ isn\’t a derogatory statement in regards to genres, but more so an acceptance and unity in the music industry,” she explains. “In this day and age, we are all basically just human remixes. We all come from different places, different lifestyles, and listen to different music– but our influences are far from suppressed. The internet has given us an unlimited platform of knowledge and inspiration. Sometimes the most efficient way to create a new sound is to cross between genres and experiment with noises/tempos that wouldn\’t normally go together. But I don\’t believe that just because one person dedicates their life to one \’genre\’ makes them lazy or uncreative.

Mija and her managers put in an unbelievable amount of work to book various artists and venues across the country to construct the first-ever FK A GENRE tour. The best thing about this tour (aside from the lineup) is that it’s going to be unrehearsed and raw – every individual on the lineup has been given the artistic freedom to play whatever he or she wants. In preparation for the tour, Mija dropped an hour-long mixtape to give you a taste of what\’s coming. Be sure to find a stop near you because this is truly a once in a lifetime experience.


Fk = FK A GENRE tour date. Click here to purchase your ticket now.