After what many would consider one of the most meteoric rises to D&B infamousy in recent times, Mefjus gets set to deliver his debut album ‘Emulation’ through Critical Music. An extension of his explosive trademark production style, the music of Mefjus stands tall as an aggressive powerhouse of some the most deadly dance floor drum & bass seen in 2014. Drawing on a handful of carefully selected collaborators from the jaw-dropping Phace & Misanthrop to the hip-hop infusions of Dope D.O.D, ‘Emulation’ looks set to shatter dance floors for years to come, marking a clear-cut arrival of one of the most gifted producers in the D&B game, Mefjus.

“I wanted to showcase my musical progression, from my early inspirations to my current state of mind. My own transformation from sample-based analogue production to the point of engineering almost everything ‘inside the box’, my own interpretation of Emulation. It’s a parallel to everyday society in which we’re moving further and further away from human resources in favour of human-machine-hybrid systems that effects everything from our consumption of news and media to books and of course music. – Martin Mefjus

Modern music making has become so revolutionised that there’s no longer a need for hours of painstaking sound design, artists can find all the sounds they need online. Personally I feel that making your own sounds is one of the most essential assets of any music producer today. In fact the title track ‘Emulation’ was made entirely inside Native Instruments’ FM8 completely from scratch to demonstrate this point. We’re creators, not just arrangers. Even though the sound is made with a
machine these techniques give our music soul and emotion and I hope it shows through the tracks on the album, and most importantly I hope that you enjoy it.” – Martin Mefjus

“Emulation showcases some of the most exciting music in drum and bass. An album that shows that to make great underground dance floor drum and bass you need not only an ear for sonics but an ear for a great rhythm and hooks that keep the music both exciting and dynamic. Mefjus is a master of this and i’m very proud to be releasing his debut album on Critical.\” – Kasra Critical

Out now on Beatport.