Martin Garrix 2016 new music

EDM wunderkind Martin Garrix is releasing seven new songs over the course of seven days at this year\’s Amsterdam Dance Event. Garrix selected seven of his most-requested IDs for release on his own STMPD RCRDS. Garrix premiered the first track on Saturday. Titled \”WIEE,\” it features guest artists Mesto and Said Music. Today\’s song is \”Sun Is Never Going Down\” featuring Dawn Golden.

Martin Garrix sees them as a thank you gift to his fans, telling Billboard \”I wouldn’t be where I am today without you guys. Hope you’ll enjoy each and every track.\” Humorously, his first release was flagged for copyright infringement by Soundcloud, prompting the DJ to call out the music-sharing service on Twitter for their gaffe. Each release is accompanied by artwork selected by the producer. The videos for each single will feature the artists painting their vision of the track.

ADE is Amsterdam\’s version of Miami\’s Winter Music Conference, and includes the crowning of the DJ Mag poll winner. Garrix ranked number 3 in the world on the controversial poll last year; it remains to be seen where he will place this year. He is set to play before 12,000 fans at ADE, including these new tracks.

Be sure to check back for new releases every day and be sure to let us know what you think of Garrix\’ new material: