Ultra South Africa just had an epic finale a few weeks ago, and was the second┬átime the festival hit Cape Town & Johannesburg and brought some amazing talent with them – let\’s just say, SA had an amazing time. As all the big names came and went, Martin Garrix closed out his set with a giant finale, as he premiered his upcoming collaboration with Usher, \”Don\’t Look Down\”. DLD is the 2nd \”new Garrix\” song of this year, and showcases his upcoming change in style. With tracks like \”Dragon\” and \”Forbidden Voices\”, it seems Martin is headed into a melodic-upbeat Kygo vibe and it\’s working out perfectly. It\’s also crazy to see how Garrix landed Usher as vocals for his upcoming track, it gives you a sense of his immense growth within the past year. Anyways, the short, and albeit low quality, snippet of \”Don\’t Look Down\” is available below. You can also check out Martin\’s small documentary of Ultra South Africa here.