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Marshmello released his remix of Noah Cyrus\’ first single \”Make Me (Cry)\” today. Noah is of course the younger sister of Miley Cyrus. Marshmello\’s remix is somewhat more sparse than his usual giddy productions, tapping into more of a hip hop sound but also with his signature oddly distorted vocals. This is Noah Cyrus\’ first single.

Older sister Miley is infamous for her ridiculous antics and provocative bravado. Noah Cyrus is only seventeen years old, and has heretofore kept a lower profile. Marshmello fans could accuse her of capitalizing on the masked DJ\’s fame, and her own last name, to catapult herself into stardom. With a deep voice like her sister, husky, southern and rough, it was easy to at first think a man was singing with Noah Cyrus.

Released in its un-remixed form back in November, \”Make Me\” has seen lukewarm success. Charting at a mere 46 on Billboard Hot 100. Perhaps the Marshmello touch will give the single some much-needed momentum. Otherwise, Cyrus can consider a music career as reaching for too much. Meanwhile, she\’s prepping to release her album NC-17, a title that belies a foray into her sister\’s libidinous territory.