Lollapalooza fan sneaks in
Lollapalooza fan sneaks in

A man called CPY – as to not reveal his name – has snuck into Lollapalooza by dressing up as a Guitar Center employee delivering speakers. Though claiming to be able to afford a festival ticket, he decided to find a more clever and interesting way to get into the festival.

\”My plan is simple: go to Lollapalooza, pretend I\’m delivering speakers and have those said speakers be filled with a shit-ton of beer,\” CPY says in the video. \”And then enjoy the rest of the day with my friends.\” And that is exactly what CPY did.

After breezing through security, CPY enters through the backstage area of the festival. Without being asked any questions once inside the fest, CPY ditches the speaker, grabs the beer, and heads off with his friends to enjoy the live music.

Only buying a hat and a shirt (and some beer), CPY says the disguise only cost about $45. He estimates that he saved hundreds of dollars by sneaking about 40 cans of Bud Light into the festival, instead of buying it from the vendors there.

CPY got in easily on Thursday with the speaker setup, and on Friday he got in again by passing out Guitar Center gift cards with $0 on them to security guards at the exit, slowly working his way inside the music festival.

CPY isn\’t the only one going to extremes to get into the festival: in 2012, Chicago rapper Vic Mensa said he nearly died trying to sneak into Lollapalooza. The rapper scaled a bridge only to brush up against a live transformer – he then fell to the ground and wound up in the hospital under police custody. This year, the Chicago rapper did not need to sneak in, as he performed at the festival.

Keep it interesting, CPY.



H/T: DNAinfo  – Photo Credit: Lollapalooza