bassnectar basscenter 2016
bassnectar basscenter 2016

Colorado\’s Commerce City was home to Bassnectar\’s first ever Bass Center festival. The two-day festival took place at Dick\’s Sporting Good Park, and featured performances from Flux Pavilion, Wu-Tang Clan, G Jones, Porter Robinson and more. With names like that on the bill, a loud and bass-filled night can only be a reasonable expectation.

Bassnectar promised he would bring the bass, and he did just that – enough to where residents of the area could feel the bass up to five miles away. A local resident, Joe Quillin, complained to the Commerce City City Council saying \”I thought it was an earthquake. I looked and realized it was bass.\” He then reprimanded the city for being negligent enough to allow Bassnectar a permit to play at DSG Park.

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The Commerce City Mayor Sean Ford admitted the city had not researched Bassnectar before issuing the concert permit.

Despite rampant noise complaints, Commerce City has yet to denounce Bassnectar and their decision to hold the two-day concert event. They defended the concert for staying within the noise thresholds of 85 dBA for treble tones and 105 dBC for bass tones.

Another Commerce City resident said the noise thresholds did not matter. He recorded the noise decibels at 72 on his front porch, yet his whole house still shook.

Mayor Sean Ford says Dick\’s Sporting Good Park was established with the understanding that events would get loud. Ford later stated that the noise from the concerts should be reasonably expected.

Check out some of the fan video footage of the show below:

My heart is so full ? thank you @bass_network @bassnectar and the whole team for continually showing us the magic ?

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Nothing can compare – thank you @bassnectar & everyone who made this experience everything it could be and more ❤️

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Via: CBS Denver