Last week\’s Mad Decent Boat Party came to an unexpected and unfortunate ending when a woman jumped overboard and was not found in search efforts. The woman was identified as 24-year-old Kaylyn Sommer. Out of respect and timing, the ship turned around and never made it to its final destination of Cozumel.

Mad Decent organizers said that they would be issuing refunds for the missed time in Mexico and the musical acts that were cut. According to TMZ, the total refund for each passenger was $57.47, which equals the cost for cancelled excursion plus port taxes. Reps for Norwegian Cruise Lines say that everything else is \”non-refundable.\”

After paying $1,000-2,000 per ticket, many attendees are dissatisfied and have taken to social media to express it. It\’s not pretty. However, there are a surprising number of attendees that are showing a sense of understanding and sympathy after this tragic event.

To donate to Kaylyn Sommer\’s memorial fund, click here.


Photo via Hype Trak.