Having just released his darkly menacing four-track EP \”JVCKWOOD\” on Excision\’s Rottun Recordings, US-based LUMBERJVCK is bound to have flown onto the radar of dubstep fans across the scene. With his murky trap beats and aggressive bursts of melody and synths, he creates nothing but power with every track. We wanted to find out more about the man behind the music, and so caught up for a little chat.

Firstly, who is LUMBERJVCK? Is there a certain mentality you approach your tracks with most of the time?

Yes there is. I always try to put the listener in a forest setting. If you’re listening to LUMBERJVCK, you’re in the forest with me. In this forest a lot of things can happen including torrential downpours, animal attacks, and the occasional chainsaw massacre.

What do you listen to outside of EDM?

I listen to a lot of alternative rock and hip-hop outside of EDM. My parents exposed me to rock at a very early age, so I’ve always been a huge fan.

Any collaborations in the future we should be looking out for?

You should definitely be looking out for my Kai Wachi collaboration. That song is going to change the game.

Hobbies outside of producing music?

Yeah, I have a few. I really enjoy snowboarding, basketball, and making funny videos on snapchat. If you want to see these videos you can find me on snapchat  – @bowflockabow.

Finally, you have an EP out now on Rottun Records entitled \”JVCKWOOD\”. Can you tell us a bit more behind the creative process of that one?

 \”JVCKWOOD\” is a sonic journey through a deep. dark. and murky forest. The EP is designed to be played from front to back in one listen and takes you on the ride of your life. This is my first official EP release so I am extremely excited to show the world the work I’ve put in.

You can purchase \”JVCKWOOD\” here.