Not too long ago, SoySauce, the art project that is half-comprised of Royal, dropped a new futuristic tune by the name of \”Broken Record.\” Today, Louis The Child released their remix, and we can\’t decide which one we like better.

While the original encompasses an atmospheric melody and vocals by Joni Fatora that maximize the tune\’s overall feel, the remix gives it a bit more \”oomf\” that you won\’t be able to shake. Members Freddy and Robby transformed an already phenomenal track into an exciting dream of summer days that may seem further away than we\’d like, but this remix should keep us hanging on until then.

The Chicago-based duo has been breaking ground with their feel-good production over the past year or so, and they have wasted no time in showcasing their great talents in the world of dance music. The two may be newer than most of the \”artists to watch in 2015\” that we keep reading about, but this remix has brought Louis The Child to the forefront when it comes to cutting-edge music that we can expect this year.

Listen to the LTC remix of \”Broken Record\” below & be sure to grab your free download: