louis the child

Three years ago two high school students met at a Madeon concert and decided to take a swing at this whole EDM music thing that had been blowing up around them. An EP, two banger singles, a FIFA 16 feature and bookings at internationally reknown festivals like Lollapalooza and Coachella, and it seemed like the duo had done good for themselves. But even in the wake of all this success, these two youngin haven\’t let school become an excuse to slack off in the studio, as can be seen with their most recent drop with Evalyn.

Starting off with their trademark trill, Evalyn\’s vocals glisten and steam over the bobbing percussion laid out by the young producers. The vocals flare up and rise into a sub filled wavy drop timed with well placed hi hats and the fluttering leads Louis the Child has made their staple. This is a song we know from day one onwards will receive heavy rotation, and deserves every last second of it\’s airtime.

Listen for yourself down below.