To mark the festivals 25th anniversary, Lollapalooza has decided to make 2016\’s festival one to remember, and is now expanding to four days, starting on Thursday, July 28th and concluding on Sunday, July 31st.

Lollapalooza, which is not only Chicago\’s largest music festival but also North America\’s largest rock festival, is expected to book over 170 acts for the 2016 lineup. With the growing performers and to mark their anniversary, the folks behind Lollapalooza thought expanding the festival in 2016 will be the right move.

Promoters state that the plan to expand came in recent months, and that \”the city embraced the idea\”, likely due to the substantial amount of revenue that the city generates thanks to festivals like Lollapalooza. Last year alone, the Park District was given $4.4 million from the festival, while collecting another $2.2 million in entertainment taxes. To top that off, the economic boost generated from the festival is in the area of $80 million.

Charlie Jones, co-owner of C3 Projects, has stated that there are no discussions yet as to whether the 4-day format will continue past 2016, however, Lollapalooza does have a lease in Grant Park through 2024.

Not only are the dates seeing a bump, but the ticket prices are also getting a bump as well. A 4-day general admission pass will now be priced at $335, up $60 from last year, and a single-day pass will now be $120, up $10 from last year. Promoters are looking to announce ticket sale dates and lineups sometime in the spring.

H/T Tribune