LNY TNZ just released their first single of 2018, “After Midnight,” a truly unforgettable afterparty anthem which features the vocals of award-winning Canadian singer/songwriter Laurell as well as the smooth flow of rapper Mann.

The track starts out with a soft rolling fanfare which leads into the powerful vocals of Laurell, who begins to tell a story of an epic afterparty adventure. It then advances into a flowy, head bobbing feel that then gives way to a powerful main hook, delivering the kind of sound that festival-goers are sure to fall in love with and adopt as their afterparty anthem.

Mann makes his entry about halfway into the track, keeping the story going with a smooth, rolling flow of rhymes that further describe that epic afterparty that everyone hopes to have after a festival.

LNY TNZ then closes out the track by returning to the soft rolling fanfare from the beginning, before combining Laurell’s vocals with the same powerful main hook that led into Mann’s rap. “After Midnight” will definitely prove to be an afterparty anthem that will rock not only festivals, but radio waves and afterparties as well, for years to come.

LNY TNZ has recently catapulted into the spotlight for their collaborations with several top-tier artists such as Diplo, Yellow Claw, and Wacka Flocka Flame. Tearing down the walls that separate genres, they have expanded from their initial hardstyle producing days to include electro, trap, and bass-heavy sounds into their tracks. It is this brave exploration into other sounds that has won the hearts of many fans across different genres of EDM and proves that LNY TNZ is definitely a name to keep an eye on this year.

“After Midnight” by LNY TNZ is out now via Big & Dirty/Be Yourself Records, and is available or streaming worldwide. Give it a listen and leave your thoughts in the comments section below!